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I'm an average completely innocent guy who was born in the 80s, has lots of affinity for the 90s, but is focused on the future! I'm a writer of shows that have been produced as stage-plays in and around Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada. I've hosted FM Radio, and I've been a guest on Internet Radio. I'm a "Creative" from Saskatoon, Canada. I'm so interested in screenwriting that I've written at least a couple serials of unproduced television shows, and I am open to having talented people adapt any of my fiction for the screen or for comics/manga/graphic-novels; so if you're someone who has the capacities to make anything like that happen, please evaluate the writings I've provided below, to see if there is something here that you would like to work with to such ends. I've acted in short films that are great but the very talented directors are keeping those golden nuggets of cinema in their private vaults for reasons that I will never really understand or support. A lot of people in hidden corners of the internet know me as an author of works that are important to them, and I want to create more for this web-site! Learn more about me by clicking here!

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The Adventures of ... Ah Who Cares? - A stageplay script about Knight Stanley who truly loves a Princess. Stanley is a typical, average Knight who kills Dragons to save the Princess but his friendship with her cats is the only pussy he's getting. Read the story!

Asclepius' Staff - All cancer patients have an overburdened pancreas, an over-acidic overall body pH -- which people will tell you is a non-scientific way to describe it, but it is what it is -- and overgrowths of a bacteria called candida, which has tunneled out of the intestines, and is floating throughout the body; that candida originated in the gut where it was in harmless numbers and harmless sizes; but now it's floating throughout the insides of the bodies of everyone who has cancer; fixing these three issues also may cause cancer to go away. This book explains what cancer is (for example: the composition of tumors includes dead overgrowths of candida), and possibly explains how to cure it via a "three prong" protocol that might resolve all three of the underlying issues that cause cancer, possibly resolving cancer.

Banana Chan - Five beautifully though only partly-illustrated free electronic books containing 36 episodic chapters of an original anime idea that takes place in a small town which comes to life when you imagine how it would be if the show and its characters were animated in the styles of any of the artists who contributed to these free electronic books. The story itself is about a young girl growing up in a small Japanese town, and the trials and tribulations of living a weird life that includes demons, time-travel, romance, adventures, and social and family drama. For artistic reasons, this series takes place in an imaginary version of Japan which is a bit more westernized than the actual Japan. This story is a drama that weaves a bunch of fictional characters and situations together in a way that I hope you find as cool as I do! And, like I said, the art -- which was contributed by a variety of amazing artists, including one who recently illustrated a popular graphic novel set called Lupina -- is an amazing set of sights to behold!

Brian's Path - Scripts for an unproduced serial drama for television. It's about a guy named Brian, who was a teenager in the 1990s, and whose goal is to write an anime called Banana Chan. Along with his friends, Brian starts a production company; and since none of the core group of characters have taken any schooling in the subject of business, the story takes the expected twists and turns that are associated with the business falling apart.

Escaped Goats - I practically never talk about this fun little 195 page book of knowingly sub-par writings. It's a book of random stories and poems, and some examples of unconventional forms of literature. I wrote it with the goal of entertaining readers, and slightly weirding them out. Unlike other links in this list, this link takes you directly to the free electronic book.

Golden City - This is an intentionally bad novel about a 19 year old guy with my name who has an "in" with the King of the Universe, and who for work and liesure commutes between the planet Catland and Earth; he had been doing that in secret until he lets his friend Jay in on a secret passageway to the greater universe. Conveniently near the end of the novel, an evil force threatens the Earth and my protagonist saves the Earth without Jay's help at all, and their friendship gradually deteriorates.

Harmony's Edge: Dancing With Reality - This stage-play was written by ChatGPT, with some guidance by me, Alan Holman; it is about glitches in reality.

Invasion Force - A single pilot-episode script for a "B-movie"-type series wherein a team of heroes is assembled to defeat an overwhelming force that threatens a population on Mars in the future.

Kininigin - A stageplay script about reptilian aliens trying to take over the Flat Earth during a fictionalized, fantasy version of the 2020 American Presidential Election! Of course, the humans end up defeating the reptilians, but still read the story anyway; you can be happy at the victory part!

Shakespeare's Teacher - A high school student, and his English teacher, are fans of writing, and fans of Shakespeare; they fill their whimsical imaginations with stories by The Bard. The student -- Bill -- admires the teacher's intelligence, so he befriends the teacher in a gambit to absorb intelligence for impressing a girl named Anne who admires intelligent guys. This is a 76 page long script that is best enjoyed by a certain weird type of intellectual, a kind of person I find cool. If you like this story, I think you're cool.

The Pizza Tree - A script about cute animals who can talk, and they go on a walk during which morality lessons are told to them by an old guy. Two kangaroos and a koala must evade a gator and a snake, in a quest to find a legendary source of food. Will they find the Pizza Tree?

The Professor - An older version of this script was staged on November 1st to 4th, 2000, in a crowded theatre in Saskatoon! It is the story of an "on the field" job interview that I went on when I took a day off from school while taking an extra semester of high school. I spent the day with a beautiful quirky woman who I'll probably never see again ... mainly because her actual name is long forgotten by me.

I actually consider myself to be self-employed by the projects that are represented on this website. So if you found anything here useful or entertaining, please leave me a donation. Thank you!

Occasional Rants From The Desk Of Alan Holman:

February 18th, 2024 - Although I love my new place, I want a group of people with whom I have some kind of important business to sit around the living-room table here late some nights to discuss stuff. That would be cool.

Upcoming Uploads: I will drop more new works of literature here in the future.

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