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When my dad had cancer, he quit conventional treatments after his second chemotherapy experience nearly killed him. So we seeked out alternative cancer treatments. Alternative treatments, especially treatments that raised his body pH (despite Snopes' harmful claim that such things are a "dubious cancer claim") got rid of all ten of his tumors, and then the chemo that was still in his body ended up taking his life. I wrote this book Asclepius' Staff to warn people against chemo, and to try to point readers towards the specific alternatives that we found useful ... plus some new stuff I learned after. It's my hope that people reject conventional medicine for favor of the specific alternatives which myself, and many other people online, believe are more useful. The Cancer Act of 1939 says that Doctors aren't allowed to tell people of any known cures. I'm not a Doctor, and I'm telling you that I believe that the cure is documented in this book. Please read with your own discernment, and make up your own mind. If you are here because you are a cancer patient who is looking for answers, I think you will find this book informative and useful. That's just my opinion. Form your own opinions. In my opinion, I wrote a book that explains how to cure cancer, yet you should be wary of reading health books as you may die of a misprint.

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Asclepius' Staff PROJECT JOURNAL

September 2nd, 2021 - It is important that people understand that although my book has instructions, the instructions in the book are only a suggestion. On rare occasions, I might go so far as to accompany a friend in my city in the process of getting the tools (supplements, etc) neccessary for following the instructions in my book, but after that it is entirely up to the person and their family whether to use those tools, or how to use those tools, or even if to discard those tools. I cannot legally tell someone who is in the process of doing my protocol what to do next. It is entirely a person's and their family's choice whether or not to do the protocol, or how much of the protocol to do, and I cannot advise a person who is in the process of doing the protocol. Although I personally believe that the protocol works, I don't have the proper credential to help anyone through it. The farthest I'll ever go is to help an individual acquire the tools (supplements, etc) for doing the protocol; after that, I will not tell the person to use the tools, or even how to use the tools (the HOW TO is in the book, and it is entirely up to the reader of the book to either understand the directions or not; and if they understand the directions or not, it is up to the person and their family to decide how much, if any, of the directions to follow); it is up to the person and their family what they do with those tools, or if they discard them.
July 30th, 2020 - Although I have given my verbal consent for taking pharmaceutical drugs, I have not -- since 2008 or 2009 -- given my mental or spiritual consent for taking pharmaceutical drugs. I know in my mind and spirit that they are unhealthy, I verbally consent from being forced to do so.
July 17th, 2018 - I know how audacious it seems to be to claim that a method which works for curing cancer is documented in my book. Why me, right? Just who do I think I am? I'm just a guy who writes what I know. It's up to you to decide if it has any validity.

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