To watch "internet television" on your television, connect an HDMI cord from your laptop/desktop, to your television set, and use the television as a "second screen" for your computer; this might happen automatically, or you will have to go into your computer's display settings to set it up. Then open a channel (from the list below) in a "window" on that second screen, and make the opened channel "full screen" by clicking the appropriate option within the display of the streaming channel.

Free, LEGAL Internet Television Channel Links!

Introducing this web-page which is "Your Ultimate Destination for Free Online TV Channels!" Dive into a world of endless unique sources of information and entertainment with our curated collection of over 100 legal links to free online TV channels! Experience the joy of seamless streaming as you explore a vast array of channels covering news, sports, movies, documentaries, and so much more! With, you can bid farewell to subscription fees and enjoy an amazing variety of shows and programs without any hassle! Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, an otaku, a general couch potato, or a news junkie, our user-friendly interface guarantees easy access to a diverse range of content, right at your fingertips! And you'll always find something amazing or fascinating to watch! Say hello to endless hours of entertainment and information and fun! - and embark on your TV-viewing journey with today! Don't miss out on this golden opportunity -- start streaming for free now!

If you're watching something cool, tell a friend what channel link number to go to!
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The MAIN List Of Links: (the main point of this web-page)

  1. Talkin Live Classics TV - A channel that features classic programs; they even have a saturday morning program block dedicated to cartoons!
  2. Earth TV - A focus on live cameras from around the world, usually with weather information for each place.
  3. American Kennel Club - Three Live TV channels about dogs and puppies; a "main channel," a "meet the breeds channel," and a "24/7 puppies" channel.
  4. Manhattan Neighbourhood Network - Seven New York Public Access channels that you can access!
  5. Austin Public Access TV - Three Public Access TV channels from Austin, Texas.
  6. NASA TV - (Gov't sanctioned sci-fi propaganda.) Live TV from NASA.
  7. True TV Plus - They offer a set of Live TV channels for free.
  8. RetroStrange TV - Vintage horror and sci-fi channel, and you can chat on the site with other live viewers!
  9. Cheddar News - An American business news channel.
  10. DNBC TV - Another American business news channel.
  11. CineLife - As close as you'll get to a premium movie channel online for free, and legally.
  12. AWE Plus - Their tagline is "A Wealth of Entertainment."
  13. Comfy TV - Cozy/comfy programming.
  14. 24 Flix - A movie channel for you to enjoy!
  15. RetroCrush - 24/7 Anime Channel ... kinda ... they do play some American cartoons.
  16. CreaTV San Jose - Scroll down a "watch" menu to select from four channels.
  17. CHARGE! TV - A type of action-packed programming that really cool nerds like.
  18. PLEX Live TV - A huge selection of Live TV channels.
  19. Pluto TV - A true pioneer of internet television, with a lot of channels and an EPG.
  20. Cineverse - Has a lot of live channels, with an EPG.
  21. SportsGrid - Commentary on big games while they occur.
  22. XPTV 1 - TV for X-Pats. This channel features music videos!
  23. XPTV 2 - More TV for X-Pats. This channel features big TV shows from yesteryear!
  24. Independent TV Network - TV channels from Oregon.
  25. NHK World Japan (English) - This channel will teach you about Japan.
  26. WBQP TV - A TV channel from Pensacola Florida.
  27. Taiwan Plus - Entertainment from Taiwan, with English subtitles.
  28. QVC Shopping Channel - They sell stuff, so maybe buy stuff!
  29. JTV Shopping Channel - They sell jewelry, so maybe buy jewelry from them!
  30. Stadium - A sports channel.
  31. The Archive - A channel that has some big names and contemporary content.
  32. Crimes & Capers - Films and TV shows about criminal activity.
  33. Veely TV - Several channels. An EPG is available.
  34. MotorTrend Fast TV - A channel with shows about vehicles and racing.
  35. WSBN - A sports channel.
  36. 30A TV - Several channels, click their pictures to go to their streams.
  37. Steve Beverly's TV Classics - A channel featuring classic gold from American television's early days.
  38. Shout! Cult - Movies -- often classics -- which can be weird or funny or "gonzo," that cool kinds of nerds enjoy.
  39. Court TV - All the courtroom drama you can handle!
  40. Chicago Access Network - Scroll from a "watch" menu to select from five channels.
  41. Amazing Discoveries TV - Religious, Christain.
  42. The Walk - Religious, Christain.
  43. 3ABN - Religious, Christain.
  44. FOLK TV - Relgious, Christain.
  45. Scientology Network - Religious, Scientology.
  46. Streemfire - Eight live channels, focused on the outdoors.
  47. FlixHouse - Has a handful of Live TV channels.
  48. City TV Saskatchewan - Not sure, but it might not work outside of Saskatchewan.
  49. Journy - A travel channel.
  50. Streamstak - Some live channels, and some "channels" that aren't live but let you select content.
  51. Distro TV - A selection of live channels in multiple categories.
  52. TikiLIVE - A cable alternative with many channels and an EPG.
  53. Mometu - Many channels are available without a login, but you can get a login if you want.
  54. Stremium - Requires a free account, then lets you browse/watch channels with an EPG.
  55. Airy TV - A bunch of live channels, with an EPG.
  56. WWON-TV, Channel 48 New York - A New York TV channel for entertainment!
  57. Community Media Center of Marin - A few public access channels from Marin County, California.
  58. USTV NOW - This link is to the "Free to Watch" section of their site; there are some free channels.
  59. Galxy TV - Multiple channels with an EPG, including StingRay Music Channels.
  60. Dingo TV - A bunch of channels, with an EPG.
  61. Rad TV - Requires Free Account
  62. CBC Gem - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation channels (requires a free account).
  63. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) NEWS - News from the CBC.
  64. Free Speech TV - A left-wing American news channel.
  65. Scripps News - An American news channel that claims to not have a political bias.
  66. InfoWars - "Tomorrow's News Today."
  67. Brighteon TV - A news and information channel by Christians/Republicans.
  68. NewsMax - 24/7 News Channel From American Republicans.
  69. The First - An American News Channel.
  70. Real America's Voice - Another American Republican news channel.
  71. CP24 - A news service from Toronto. Click the "watch live" link on the top of their main page.
  72. GBN - A British news channel.
  73. Euronews English - English language news service from Europe.
  74. France 24 - English language news service from France.
  75. CGTN - News from China in English.
  76. Channel News Asia - 24/7 English Language News Service From Asia.
  77. Al Jazeera - English language news service from the Arabic world.
  78. RT News - English language news channel from Russia, posted here to be fair.
  79. Press TV - 24/7 English-language news channel from Iran, posted here to be fair.
  80. Dupont Network - This web-page links to several live TV channels.
  81. KSAT TV - A live TV channel from Texas.
  82. Plymouth Rock TV - A Live TV channel from New England.
  83. WeDo Big TV -- Some live channels, with a guide.
  84. MyTVtoGo - The "Networks" tab on their web-site will allow you to select from a bunch of channels.
  85. It's Real Good TV - Currently, a selection of three channels.
  86. HBCU Go - I think that this is a college sports channel.
  87. Right Now TV - A channel that describes itself as action-packed and bleeding-edge.
  88. Screambox - Horror-themed channels, with an EPG.
  89. Home Shopping Network - They sell stuff all day. Maybe buy something?
  90. TV Delmarva - A selection of Live TV channels from Delaware.
  91. Retro TV - Classics, mostly in B&W.
  92. Cream Visionz - Urban Music Television
  93. PowrdUp TV - A contemporary music video channel.
  94. Spirit TV - A Christian music video channel.
  95. Heartland TV - A country music channel.
  96. Public Media Network - 5 public access channels from Kalamazoo.
  97. M2O TV - A music channel.
  98. TCN - The Country (music) Network.
  99. Retro Music Network - Click the link that says "live."
  100. American Horrors - A high quality well-respected channel that highlights the history of horror films!
  101. American Horrors Classic - A companion channel to the American Horrors channel.
  102. Mad River Valley Television - A public access community channel from Waitsfield, Vermont.
  103. VictorValleyTV - The link to watch is under text that says "Watch Now."
  104. Pocono Television Network - A tourism channel for the Pocono Mountains area.
  105. The Monster Channel - Horror, Sci-Fi, and Retro ... with hosts!
  106. Kool TV - An independent entertainment channel from Minnesota.
  107. Music From The 412 - A music channel from Pittsburgh.
  108. Biz TV - A 24/7 television channel about business.
  109. Business Rockstars - Broadcast from Times Square in New York City, this is a channel focused on entrepreneurs.
  110. NBC News NOW - News from a major American broadcast network.
  111. AfroLand TV - African movies and shows.
  112. Tastemade - A 24/7 cooking channel.
  113. KAQC TV - A Christian, wholesome family-focused channel from Texas.
  114. Natchez TV - A channel from the city of Natchez, Mississippi.
  115. EPlusTV 6 - An independent TV channel from Jackson, Tennessee.
  116. WTNB - A TV channel that is on this list of TV channels.
  117. Watch Your TV - A selection of Live TV channels.
  118. Glewed TV - A selection of channels that seems to be focused on news and business.
  119. Revry - Multiple channels for the LGBTQ+ community, with an EPG.
  120. BRIC TV - A live TV channel from Brooklyn.
  121. Midnight Pulp - A fun film-pump to keep you entertained.
  122. Supreme Master TV -- A free television channel from a religious leader who promotes veganism and peace.

More Channels:
SimulTV -- Signing up for their free "Explorer Plan" gives you 50 channels.
DocuBay - Documentaries. You need to sign up for a free account. When logged in, you'll find access to their live TV channel.

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I am under the impression that all the channels which are linked to above are being shared legally; if you have any contrary information, please alert me.

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