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Roku In Canada - FREE Live TV Tips

I like Roku Apps that have FREE Live TV channels, channels that air content 24/7. I prefer to watch what happens to be on, than to browse for a long time and maybe select something. Besides, when you watch what happens to be on a channel, you have that metaphysical sense of community with all the other people in the world who happen to be watching the same channel at the same time -- although you don't know who they are, you just know that they've gotta actually exist ... probably. Anyhoo, so a lot of people are under the impression that since certain apps, such as PlutoTV, etc, aren't available on Roku in Canada, that Roku therefore doesn't have much to offer in the realm of Live TV -- 24/7 channels -- in Canada, but those people are wrong, as there are a bunch of useful apps to that end. This page will tell you only the ones I know about -- some of them are private channels which you need a code for; you will know which ones those are because you won't be able to find them when you search for them within your Roku's channel store, but just search for their private channel codes on google, and you'll find them. In an ideal world, everyone in the world would have access to a universe of at least 500 channels in their language; that's why I believe that cords shouldn't be cut -- in fact, Roku should be used in addition to a cable subscription, and in addition to things like Android Boxes. With all that said, this list of apps is only a guide; it's not instructions. The idea is to not go crazy from silence, to have the TV on and be happy :)

Free2View TV Select Redux - This ... I think ... is a private app; if it is, search the internet for the code. It contains a selection of 24/7 channels, including a few news stations from major American networks.

Stremium - Get a free account on their web-site, and you have access to 35 live channels on your Roku.

The Roku Channel - Although it does contain some Live TV channels, they're not as good and varied as what you'd get with this app if you had it in the USA.

PLEX - The Live TV section in PLEX offers a wide variety of Live TV channels, around 70 of them, and that's not even counting the music video channels, of which there are plenty!

Airy TV - This is a private app, search the internet for the code. It contains a growing selection of 24/7 channels, with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). It includes some decent channels for watching movies; seriously, the movies are actually stuff you've heard of!

FilmOn - Unofficial - This is a Private app. Search the internet for the code. Its main attraction is a selection of British TV channels, although it also has a channel I like called "TV Gold."

RetroCrush - Watch Free Anime - Although this app has a lot of anime that you can choose from, it also has a live stream of their anime channel.

CBC TV - Currently offers 14 live regional CBC TV stations from across Canada.

TikiLIVE - It'll ask you to login, but just use the remote to go to the menu on the side of the screen, and select "guide;" whether you've logged in or not, this will take you to a guide of channels that you can view; there is also an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that goes along with the channels that you can view.

MyTvToGo Network - It has a selection of Live TV channels.

UNTV - Universe Network TV - A movie trailers channel, a bunch of music video channels (mostly hip-hop), and some channels that don't work. But if you like hip-hop, you'll love this.

DistroTV Free Live TV & Movies - A bunch of channels to put sound and motion into a room that would otherwise be painfully silent.

B-Movie TV - Although not entirely qualified as a live channel, it's mentioned here because it does have a daily schedule of programs which are on at specific times.

TWiT - Features a channel that contains video netcasts from the TWiT Network, usually featuring Leo LaPorte, a guy who I've learned some useful things from over the years, so he's not really a derp; he's actually quite cool.

247 Retro - Contains one 24/7 channel of mostly black-and-white old shows; these can actually be quite entertaining and even educational, if you give them a chance. There is a schedule which can be accessed.

BYUtv - A live 24/7 channel with a lot of Mormon content. It can actually be fun to watch, even if you're not a Mormon. Give it a try! It's better than having a silent room with nothing going on.

Shout! Factory TV - Live TV from an American station that is always quite entertaining.

Haystack Local & World News - Contains some live news TV stations.

Red Bull TV - Live TV that is usually focused on taking sports and human experience to the extreme.

Scientology Network - Live TV from Scientology. Don't knock it 'till you try it! I think they have some quite informative shows, but that's just my opinion.

Swig TV - Currently 5 channels of Live TV.

Newsmax TV - Right-leaning live news station, where "right" more often than not equals "correct." Network - Sometimes more than one of their live channels actually work, but usually at least one does.

Nextv International - Four channels that are free, three of which are live news channels in English. Unless you sign up for their $0 (free) English package, you only get one channel.

Atop Television Cable - If you aren't on a partnering ISP of theirs, which you probably aren't, you can still watch a free stream of a live TV channel called The Knowledge Network.

GINIKO Plus TV - It has some Live TV channels, including a news channel called "News Net."

Glewed.TV - Over 30 live channels.

younettv - It has a home shopping channel.

CBS News - It has several live feeds of CBS News stations, including sports and an Entertainment Tonight channel.

Canada TV - It has a small selection of Canadian TV channels, some of which are in English, and some of which actually work.

KRHP TV - It's just a channel called KRHP. I don't know much about this channel, such as where it's from or anything like that; I just know that it works, and it can cure the problem of painful silence.

Bandwagon Live - It's a live TV channel which is usually footage of bands playing in bars somewhere.

Bel TV - When I checked it, only two of their English language news channels were working. But two is more than zero.

Tubox TV Live - It'll ask you to login, but you can skip that. Go to their "guide," and you can find a nice set of channels that you can browse through and watch all day.

Too Big TV - One live channel, better than nothing.

Vuuzle TV - Has a selection of live channels in its TV section; however, this app is sometimes glitchy, such as sometimes the TV section is unavailable, and sometimes the titles in the EPG (electrionic program guide) don't match up with what's actually on the channels. - You can find live channels in here if you look for them.

Beacon Three 33 Networks - One live channel. Like I say, one is better than nothing.

The Reewind Network - One live channel. When I checked it, a black-and-white show was on.

WORLD NEWS LIVE - You can find some live English language news in here, if you look for it.

Watch Free TV Plus Channel - Several channels that are purportedly free; however, you do have to pay for internet.

JasminTV - Some channels featuring short, visually appealing music videos with nearly nude, but never nude, women.

Insight TV - If you browse through this app, you will find a link to a live stream of their channel called Insight TV. It features very inspirational content, I like it.

Bloomberg - A business news channel, in other words one of those things where people in suits talk about things that barely anyone really understands. And they are all very rich, because they understand what they're talking about.

CatholicTV Network - An American channel that contains quite a lot of Catholic content.

B-Zone - One live TV channel that features "B-Movies."

AnthymTV - Easy, Free Cable TV - Contains live channels, some of which run day-old content from popular cable channels. This is actually very impressive.

VideoElephant TV - Several news channels, including entertainment news channels, with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

PEG.TV - A large selection of community access TV stations from a bunch of American cities. A person who is curious about the goings-on in American cities can really enjoy this.

CyberNewsTV - Contains a live channel. The channel seems to be geared towards Computer Scientists.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN - A live channel that provides news and cultural documentaries from Japan.

Dunn Vision Live TV - As of the time I'm writing this, it has 56 live channels.

Dunn Vision News - As of the time I'm writing this, it has 14 live channels, mostly focused on news.

TVNOW - Contains one channel. It was playing an old horror movie on my most recent check for if it works.

HeroGo TV - Five live options when last I checked.

CONtv - You can watch their anime channel for free.

KlowdTV - They have a free package, with some channels. Sign up for their free package at their web-site.

Loop Music Videos - Includes some live channels for music videos.

HUE Networks - Includes two live channels, mainly shows for and about black people.

HedexTV - Includes multiple live channels.

Veely - It has a small selection of live channels.

FoxD Network TV - It has a bunch of channels.

Dr Coldwell Opinion TV - It has a live channel with a lot of content from Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who cured over 35000 cancer patients in his clinic in Germany, before the government shut down his clinic because he wasn't using drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation. Although you can get some clues to what he did for cancer by watching this channel, you're better off reading this free ebook.

EWTN Canada - Contains a live stream of a Christain channel called EWTN. Every day, they have a mass.

TV HUB - Contains a bunch of live TV channels.

Cinehouse - Stream Your Niche - Contains a few live TV channels.

NOTE: This page focuses on free content, so that's why I didn't mention GlobalTV, River, or V Media.

This page is continuously under construction. If any of the above mentioned Roku apps no longer work, or are no longer available in Canada, or no longer offer Live TV, or if you've discovered a Roku App that isn't mentioned here, which contains some Live TV on it, send me an e-mail at - please note that some providers of Live TV on Roku in Canada will not be mentioned on this page, no matter how often you suggest them, due to certain personal editorial reasons, reasons which I never have to disclose.