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BRIAN'S PATH, a series of TV scripts by Alan Holman

How do I pitch the idea of reading Brian's Path to you? It's about how some experiences had by one person are outside the worldview of the person next to him. And next to that person is a person who has had experiences that are outside the worldview of the other two. In fact, the story of Brian's Path is about how in any crowd, all the individuals in that crowd have each had a spectrum of experiences, and each has had some experiences that are outside of the worldview of every other member of that crowd. This story is about a theory that everyone has their own puzzle pieces, pieces of any and every mystery that currently astounds anyone, but there are factors in society -- including language barriers -- that prevent a lot of resolvable questions from being answered. There are factors that are barriers that prevent many possible conversations from occurring, conversations which would teach their participants the solutions to many of the mysteries that are facing humanity. This story, called Brian's Path, shines a light on this idea, and also on some surrounding ideas.

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July 19th, 2018 - I finally finished posting the first completely new edit of this twelve episode series in a long time. Should I write more episodes of this?

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