"An enemy is just a friend with a wrong datum." -- Dr. Alan Holman, D.D.

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You can enter my site by clicking the button above, or you can continue to scroll down, and learn about my friend Kendall's site called "Cartoon My Dog."

Cartoon My Dog

My friend Kendall will turn your dog into a beautiful personally-crafted cartoon character!
Just look at the amazing work that Kendall is turning out through "Cartoon My Dog."
You can hire Kendall to draw your dog! And you can ask Kendall for details of how every drawing actually saves a pet!
Here's another example! (below)
The above examples may not reflect her current style, and more examples are on her site!
So what are you waiting for?!
Click here to visit "Cartoon My Dog" today!
(If you hire her, please let her know that I sent you!)