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This Is Alan Holman's Best Web-Site Yet!

"Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." - Romans: Chapter 13, Verse 10.

I'm a Canadian guy, who has a positive self-image, and who is -- as a matter of fact -- a really good writer! Born in '81, I'm a writer, an actor who is most known for a role in a 2007 short film, and I enjoy the occasional stint at broadcasting, most notably shows I hosted a long time ago at CFCR FM! This web-site is my little microcosm on the internet, where I advocate literacy by suggesting that you discover my fun and educational writings which I post here! My intentions, in everything I ever do, are always positive and peaceful! I'm the good guy! I believe in the Golden Rule! I hope that you find something enjoyable on this web-site! I want to create more for this web-site, and you can help me by becoming a patron of mine on my patreon!

For Literacy!

The Adventures of ... Ah Who Cares? - A stageplay script that tells a typical, average story of a Knight going against a Dragon, for the benefit of a Princess! -- but does she even give a shit about what he went through to save her? Not really.

Asclepius' Staff - You may have heard of the book Knockout - Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer by Suzanne Sommers; that book revealed that there are methods for curing cancer, but that book failed to go into enough detail about any of the methods for curing cancer. So I found out about a Doctor who was curing cancer, and I studied materials he put out, and related materials, until I could put instructions for a "three prong" protocol in my book Asclepius' Staff. I know that the protocol works, if done properly and entirely. Now it's up to the world to catch on! (I know this sounds too good to be true, so therefore you assume that it's probably not true; that sort of assumption is your choice.)

Banana Chan - An unproduced series of anime scripts. 36 episodes of an original anime idea that is about a young girl growing up in a small Japanese town, and the trials and tribulations of living a weird life.

Brian's Path - Scripts for an unproduced serial drama for television. It's about a guy named Brian whose goal is to write an anime called Banana Chan. Along with his friends, Brian starts a production company, and the story takes unexpected twists and turns ... unless you find the story predictable ... but you'll only know if it's predictable if you sit down and read it. Your literacy depends upon your reading of something, so choose this!

Golden City - My attempt at writing a bad novel; that is, a bad novel that can be adapted to a bad movie, if I'm lucky. It's the story of a 19 year old guy who shares my name, who happens to have an "in" with the King of the Universe; by the end of the story, he saves the Earth ... yet again.

Invasion Force - A single pilot-episode script for a "B-movie"-type series that I'll probably never write more of ... unless you love it! I would be cool with an independent producer filming this script on location at a place called Devon Island.

Kininigin - A stageplay script about the upcoming 2020 Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden! Spoiler alert: Trump wins. Personally, when I pay attention to Republican media, I hear a lot of reasons to like Trump. And when I pay attention to Democrat media, I hear less-informed reasons to dislike him. I'm on the fence about him, and he does win the election in the end of this particular story.

The Pizza Tree - A script for a childrens' play that was once staged in Saskatoon, and the children in the audience enjoyed it! It's about cute animals who can talk, and they go on a walk during which morality lessons are told to them by an old guy.

The Professor - An older version of this script was staged in Saskatoon, in the year 2000! The older version was probably better, as I just ended up deleting some stuff and adding a bunch of gratuitous profanity for no reason.

I actually consider myself to be self-employed by the projects that are represented on this website. So if you found anything here useful or entertaining, please leave me a donation. Thank you!

Occasional Rants From The Desk Of The Alan:

September 19th, 2020 - I have no debt; therefore, I don't want to sign up for higher education that costs a tuition. I'm open to pursuing further higher education, and I am aware that there are a lot of free classes available online; I might do some of them eventually. What I have always wanted to do is get involved in a MMORPG. I've had some false-starts in MMORPGs, but I never really got into one, and I would love to. I have played MUDs before, a very long time ago, and they helped develop my writing skills. I assume that the right MMORPG would also inspire me to write some new projects.

Upcoming Uploads: There will be summaries and/or brief descriptions for what happens in more of the scripts that are already on this site! More content will also eventually show up! I have an idea for a novel!

Noteworthy Links

Iron Realm Media - A very honest group of fellows, who do shows across the internet about real topics.

Leitbur - A very talented musician. Listen to his music; it's amazing!

Liana B. - A woman who is very talented in the visual arts. If you hire her to illustrate for your project, tell her Alan Holman sent you!

DubSub - Just a stream of great music. I listened to this stream a lot back in the days when I was writing Asclepius Staff.

Short Story And Flash Fiction Society - A site by writers, for writers and readers.

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