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I'm a person from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada. I've written some stuff, acted in stuff, and I used to be a volunteer broadcaster at a community radio station. This web-site is my little microcosm on the internet, where I post whatever I feel like posting. My intentions, in everything I ever do, are always positive and peaceful. I hope that you find something enjoyable on this web-site! I want to create more for this web-site, and you can help me by becoming a patron of mine on my patreon!

Collections of sequential words that usually make sense.

The Adventures of ... Ah Who Cares? - A stageplay which earned me some local acclaim at a time, even though it has never been produced.

The Alan Holman Report - A conspiracy theory vlog.

Asclepius' Staff - A book about an holistic method for curing cancer. People have experienced remissions by using this method. If you read the book, consider it my dissertation or thesis regarding medicine; therefore, if you agree with it, grant me any title that you feel I deserve, and and please consider considering me an equal with any Doctor who you also consult regarding the actions it suggests. Please consult with a Doctor (even though their dissertation or thesis might have been shorter than my book) before you take any of those actions. I'm posting this book here in good faith, and with prayers for anyone who uses its information -- and more prayers for people who don't, as they need those prayers more, in my opinion.

Banana Chan - An unproduced series of anime scripts. I've been told that the storytelling is high quality. It's about a girl named Banana, her weird family, and their adventures through time, space, heaven, and hell! It's one of those stories wherein love eventually triumphs. So if you're looking for an original story to read, read these scripts, and imagine it in your head in a similar way as how you'd imagine the visuals from a novel. A production company recently sent me documents about how to pitch this project to them, so the scripts might eventually be removed from this website if the eventual pitch is accepted and green-lighted!

Brian's Path - Scripts for an unproduced serial drama for television. This is an experimental storyline. At a time when it was displayed under a different title on another web-site, it gained some acclaim from that web-site's users. You might like this story too!

Invasion Force - A single pilot-episode script for a "B-movie"-type series that I'll probably never write more of ... unless you love it!

Kininigin - A stageplay script about the upcoming 2020 Election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders!

The Pizza Tree - A script for a childrens' play that was once staged in Saskatoon, and the children in the audience enjoyed it!

The Professor - An older version of this script was staged in Saskatoon, in the year 2000!

I consider myself self-employed by the projects that are represented on this website. So if you found anything here useful or entertaining, please leave me a donation. Thank you!

Alan's Occasional Rants

December 2nd, 2018 - I spent all of yesterday fixing a scientific inaccuracy that was recently noticed in my book Asclepius' Staff. Even though the fix was just to change several sentences, it ended up taking the whole day due to the way those sorts of issues manifest themselves. To be the kind of writer that I am is a lot more work than one might think it is. I do a lot of background work regarding all the writings that are on this site. Often, a day's worth of background tasks will result in one or two sentences being changed in one of the writings on this site. I edit what's here far more often than you may realize, because I don't announce each edit. I'm actually way behind on a large queue of background tasks regarding all of the writings that are on this site, and regarding things I haven't announced yet which will eventually be on this site. For anyone who doesn't think that what I do here is a job, they're wrong; it is a job, and it is often very time consuming. But I love it when I find the time for it.

Upcoming Uploads: A new version of my novel Golden City will eventually be here. More content will also eventually show up!

Noteworthy Links

Flat Earth - Have you ever thought we're lied to about where we are? You're right!

Truth Frequency Radio - I listen to this radio station a lot, and I've even been on it, so I should put this link here.

DubSub - Just a stream of great music. I listened to this stream a lot back in the days when I was writing Asclepius Staff.

Short Story And Flash Fiction Society - A site by writers, for writers and readers.

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