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Alan Holman's Web-Site
Alan Holman, b.1981

Computers, Internet

NOTE:  Some of the content in this site may seem or actually be weird or controversial or just plain stupid;
       it is because this is where I, an author with an IQ of 116, exercise my free speech by giving away free 
       electronic books.  This site, and any site where any author exercises free speech, must always be protected.

"I believe in the continuous diverse education of humanity, from the safe medium of television. What? - the time? Oh, it's ." -- Alan Holman

Welcome To Author Alan Holman's Microcosm
"The Web-Site of a Canadian self-published author who
-- for some reason --
wants Canadians to watch TV
, optionally with a Roku!"

"... or, if you prefer, you can check the news, or read my writings!"

                                                    This web-site is my part of the web, where my free-speech is exercised via free electronic books!

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The world often defies the narratives we commonly accept. Those who wield influence are often marionettes of enigmatic forces that dwell beyond ordinary perception. Embracing these realities, however, should be a wellspring of gratitude and optimism. Indeed, these truths impart a riveting dimension to existence. As our understanding of these intricacies deepens, our role in this grand tableau becomes more pronounced. Within this expansive contest, opportunities emerge to either seek a tranquil abode or to orchestrate strategic maneuvers, devoid of violence, that may yield advantages or repercussions.

Failures, when acknowledged and assimilated, become invaluable tutors. They contribute to the forging of our character, an ongoing process that finds resonance in this remarkable game of life. Navigating this journey prompts the discovery of kindred spirits, individuals whose presence enriches each moment in this odyssey brimming with wonder and possibility.

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This web-site wouldn't be possible without all the real love for other people that inspired the work that went into it and its content.
It is the year 2023, and I've been making web-sites for myself since 1995. Viewing of this web-site and/or use of any of its materials or resources is subject to terms/conditions/agreements.
If you're only now learning about me, you haven't yet searched the internet for any of the things that are here.

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