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Banana Chan is the star of this book, which is a story called Banana Chan, written in teleplay format, by Alan Holman! If you liked that book, you may also read its sequel! And then the third book! And books four and five!

There is also a short sequel novel! And if you enjoyed all of that, you may also check out this slightly connected story about mostly other characters! And, of course, if you're here because someone told you about a book about cancer, click here!

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Author Alan Holman's Occasional Rant - March 23rd, 2018 - I'm still trying to quit smoking.
A recent edit to some Banana Chan volumes resulted in some formatting being thrown off by the software. When I get around to fixing that, I'll also make changes to the scripts to make the story slightly smarter, and add some funny to it. I'm expecting to find time to enthusiastically handle that in May 2018.

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