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A Story Called Banana Chan, written in Teleplay Format (TV Scripts)

For The Full anime scripts (So Far), Click Here. It's also worth noting that I recorded an audio serial which has about six or seven episodes, and, here's the novel which rectifies the continuum with a Flat Earth framework. Read the scripts first, though .... Aaaaaaanyway, for a provably suppressed cancer cure, click here. Please note that the cure also requires one of those Tangerine flavored suppliment drinks from Youngevity daily.

Al's Gaming Corner

I don't like Wii Tennis. I won't even play it because Dreamcast has better tennis games. I do still want to try, for at least an hour, the N64 game GoldenEye.

Y'know, I've never been to Japan, but I love watching anime on big screens! And anime inspired films! And sci-fi and fantasy! Still haven't seen any of the Narnia trilogy. Haven't seen the final installment in Peter Jackson's trilogy based on the original The Hobbit novel. Haven't seen Keanu Reeve's third Matrix film either, but I hear there's an awesome mech battle near the end, and that's why I want to watch that film.

Alan's Online Web-Based Rantings

IGN Anime Club and Game Informer are great shows that I highly recommend to anyone, check out the archives of IGN Anime Club, and Game Informer's playthrough of Shenmue. In the 70 man battle, their player was extrordinarily dumb, it was hilarious to watch.

This fiction kid (pictured above) knows a lot of cool stuff. I wish him safe journeys where-ever his journeys take him. I'm gonna continue paying attention to this guy Naruto; he's got a future to my knowledge. The Boruto series has had a bunch of episodes so far, and I'm looking forward to them.

Stations And Channels Of Basically Cable Television And Radio

There are a whole bunch of mainstream shows and films I like to watch, but I also like to share this stuff!

4, 8, 11, 13

Three more channels: 17, 592, 793.67

Please enjoy a free preview of ATV.

Two modulations of purely audio broadcasts, each featuring the usual stuff: 1, (2 coming soon)

Indescypherable And Completely Unreceivable Audio modulation that is reminiscent of tasty meat digestables (showing up uninvited sometimes)
Audio modulation of usually elitist crap, that you usually have to pay for, which is sometimes funny, featuring rudeness and vulgarity from people who are sometimes way better in films (showing up every once in a while, usually when not wanted, and never when specifically needed. (Inquire about availability.)
A random channel where a smarter-than-a-lot-of-people-think guy is often yelling which is somehow soothing, other times extremely hilarious: InfoWars.

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