Author Alan Holman's Microcosm - Season 2 of "The Podcast"

"The Podcast"

My brother Max and I do a podcast called "The Podcast." If you perceive the content of this show as "minimalist," you're not looking on etheric and even metaphysical levels. There are many layers in a story about two brothers, artistically transmitted through this podcast. Enjoy!

Season 1 Episodes

S01E01 -- "It Begins" -- I just remember that I really felt like I was struggling with a lot of challenges in my life around the time when Max and I started this Podcast. Whereas this podcast is mostly music, it is kind of an etheric soundtrack for a time in our lives, and challenges we were facing, at the times when these episodes were being recorded. What's most important is positivity and partying with people who matter to you.

S01E02 -- "The Wrath of Khan" -- Where-ever you sit on the political spectrum, you're welcome to listen to this podcast if you have chosen to listen to it for any reason at all. No one is unwelcome from listening to our podcast. We just play music.

S01E03 -- "Revenge of the Sith" -- My brother Max and I seriously don't know what it's like to wish harm upon another human or animal; we're gentle dudes. But with that said, we enjoy movies and video games which have all sorts of weird and messed up stories. And personally, I spend some time reading comic books.

S01E04 -- "One Good Egg" -- I'm the author of six books, and I come onto this podcast just to play music without talking about my books. If you have time for a random musical adventure, feel free to choose this podcast; it is one of many listening options out there, just as good as some of your other potential choices! I still think that the kinds of people who end friendships or relationships after one member of that dyad says "I love you" to the other person are idiots or just plane stupid.

S01E05 -- "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Karaeoke" -- The biggest obstacle I've ever faced in this lifetime happened to me because I'm poor and I wear glasses; it's a story for perhaps another time or never. All good people would be wise if they stay cautious of random randos equipped with petty prejudices. You are a good person, be yourself.

S01E06 -- "The Hollow Earth" -- I read a small passage from a book, and I give it the specific and meaningful criticism which is the exact complete lack of criticism. My brother Max continues to pick songs, while I also continue to pick songs. As you've probably noticed, the format of this podcast is that my brother Max and I pick songs.

S01E07 -- "High Voltage" -- We kick it up as many notches as it takes to get it revved up into high gear. We take tracks for spins. It's your drive time fun time radio show!

S01E08 -- "The Pot And Lizards Spectacular" -- We rebuke the old adage that iPhone is better than Samsung, as it is clearly not. Android is just better. That's my opinion anyway.

S01E09 -- "Jet Set Lizard Radio" -- At the time, I was a fan of songs that referenced the Reptilian Shape-shifters who secretly control the world. Did that last bus driver hate me? Does that statue of that girl walking her dog still love me?

S01E10 -- "Moar Lizards And Stuff" -- I try to find an excuse to say the word "curmudgeon," but I fail; that's why that word doesn't appear in this episode. Maybe I'll say that word on a future episode, stay tuned! Will I have friends when I'm old?

S01E11 -- "WWE" -- We are not affiliated with the wrestling company. When I was a kid, I'd daydream about participating in wrestling matches, but now I think I don't want to ever do that. It can be fun to watch.

S01E12 -- "Jesus Dies On The Cross" -- We take a look at religion. Which religion is the correct one? So many questions.

S01E13 -- "Get On The Dance Floor" -- I want to eventually take a dance class, and I would love to take such a class with a female partner who is a good friend of mine. One time, a friend promised to eventually take a dance class with me, but she never did. Dance class remains a "bucket list" item.

A 14th episode exists, but either a technical or censorship issue is currently preventing me from putting a proper link to it on this site.

S01E15 -- "Aurora Borealis" -- There is something romantic about the way the mainstream tells us that the universe is, however we need to find ways to make the truth seem romantically appealing. We recorded this podcast the month after I became a Flat Earther, though I'm not sure if I ever mentioned Flat Earth in the podcast. There was a lot of music that we liked then!

S01E16 -- "Smokin Saturday" -- I don't know why my brother Max and I sometimes have a habit of celebrating the fact that we're smokers. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you should spend some time being proud of what you do, even if what you do isn't great, and even if it is in fact negative, like smoking. Being happy about who you are, and what you do, regardless of any factor, is important for good mental health.

S01E17 -- "Captain's Log" -- Star Trek means a lot to me; growing up, it was something that myself, and other members of my family, seemed to cherish for a variety of reasons, and I still do, and always will cherish Star Trek. My brother Max and I would love to someday in our lives visit the sets of any modern Star Trek series, especially if we were cast to act in some Star Trek; that would be awesome and special. When our older brother Darren, who died in 2010, got married, some of the most important people in attendance were wearing Star Trek insignia and even uniforms at the ceremony.

S01E18 -- "Live At Lydia's" -- April 14th, 2015 -- The popular Saskatoon night spot Lydia's had been destroyed shortly after my brother and I finally began individually going there sometimes; are we that unpopular? I guess the most interesting event that I attended there was the recording of some kind of CBC radio show wherein I got into the show's discussion for a bit; that was actually years before the destruction of the place, but I think it was the start of when I realized that it was a destination worth occasionally going to. I don't actually know why the place was eventually demolished, I just know that I spent some nights playing pool in their basement because I had no idea how to approach or talk to those of the women who were on their main and second floors who I found interesting.

S01E19 -- "The Big Show" -- I want to make it perfectly clear that the interview, which is featured on this episode, is a comedy bit; it is a joke that is not meant to insult or offend the Superstar whose voice was used -- we just hope that if he knows about it, it would give him a chuckle. My brother Max and I have, in our lives, occasionally gone through phases of either watching wrestling or not watching it; when we don't watch it, we're not interested in it -- but when we do watch it, we're very yinterested in it. When it all comes down to it, this is meant for entertainment, as is wrestling.

S01E20 -- "Season Finale" -- April 18th, 2015 -- This was recorded on the day before my 34th birthday. One month before this, I woke up to Flat Earth. The rabbit hole is deep.

Author Alan Holman's Microcosm - Season 2 of "The Podcast"

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