Author Alan Holman's Microcosm

The Real Mission Statement

Empathy, understanding, and a shared sense of humanity, must became the norm, fostering cooperation and harmony between people who are separted by any barrier. Conflict resolution must take precedence over aggression or lawfare, with diplomacy and dialogue prevailing over hostility or courtroom drama. BOTTOM LINE: We need to fix the divisions in our own communities, families, and friend-groups, so that ideal parties and fun and joyful social gatherings can become more normal in all our lives.
I want everyone I've ever been friends with -- regardless of what obstacles stand between us -- to know that my ear is always open to listen to anything new that you have to say about anything, and I want to leave a door open for new friends as well!
 If you're willing or interested in accepting the invite to re-establish lines of communication, or if you're someone who wants to start a new friendship with me, 
 please figure out an appropriate method to re-initiate or initiate communication with me!
               CURRENT CRYPTIC MESSAGE(s):  
               *I want to be invited to play in a Dungeons & Dragons group of people who I've met before.
               *I want to be invited to play in a Dungeons & Dragons group of people who are new to me and amazing!
               ... I've had very few experiences with Dungeons & Dragons, and none of my experiences with it were positive.  
               But I am aware that a lot of people like the game a lot, so I know that such experiences are possible for me,
               and I am looking for those experiences.