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"I think that everybody is an expert in many subjects. Whenever you get a mix of people participating in public discourse on topics of importance, any decisions that are made -- from discussion -- are potentially good." -- Alan Holman

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About This Web-Site

Greetings! I am Alan Holman, born on April 19th, 1981. My journey into the world of web design began during my high school years in the mid-to-late 1990s, and since then, I've used websites as a canvas for my creative expression.

The primary purpose of this website is to offer you access to my freely available writings.

I've created a forum on this site with the hope of nurturing a vibrant community. I envision a space where people can gather to discuss not only my writings but also engage in thoughtful conversations about the diverse content featured in the AAHTV section, which links to various channels.

I aspire to be recognized as a writer rather than being pigeonholed as the author of a specific story. For instance, while I wrote "Banana Chan," I don't wish to be solely associated with it. Instead, I'd like to be known for my broader contributions, such as my free electronic book that delves into cancer cures, a topic I consider crucial for humanity.

Since 2007, I've immersed myself in the world of "conspiracies," "conspiracy theories," and alternative truths. This exploration has exposed me to unconventional perspectives that challenge mainstream narratives perpetuated by the media, governments, schools, and even religious institutions. Despite having an above-average IQ, my beliefs might seem unconventional to some, but I firmly stand by them. I've encountered skepticism regarding the free electronic book I claim holds a cure for cancer, but I want to emphasize that the information was acquired from a renegade doctor's public disclosures on the internet, with only implied consent. I never had direct contact with him about the book.

In late 2007, the documentary "Zeitgeist" by Peter Joseph shattered my illusions and prompted me to dive deeper into its referenced materials, related content, and the personalities involved. I became engrossed in a series of informative YouTube lessons, each lasting around ten minutes, which provided insights into hidden aspects of the world, various conspiracy theories, and Secret Societies. Although the series primarily aimed to shed light on David Icke's "reptilian" theory, it opened doors for me to explore the works of individuals like David Icke and Alex Jones, whom I deeply respect.

Concerning Icke's "reptilian" ideas, I believe they are rooted in enough reality to suggest that reptilian aliens have influenced human culture through visits and their DNA within specific bloodlines, including some "Royal" lineages. This concept may seem outlandish, but reading non-fiction books about UFOs and aliens reveals a world of intriguing anecdotes and compelling evidence that challenges preconceived notions.

Some know me as a "Flat Earther," a notion often dismissed as absurd. However, I view the powerful figures shaping our world as grand magicians and illusionists. Studying stage illusions can shed light on the concept of a "Flat Earth" and the broader agenda of concealing truths. Whether you believe in the "Flat Earth" or not, it's essential to recognize that Secret Societies often manipulate reality to deceive the masses.

As the world is a stage, I am passionate about contributing to its narratives. Some of my plays have graced stages in my city, and I aspire to see more of my work brought to life. I've also penned TV scripts that I hope will reach audiences someday. While I acknowledge that mainstream industries may frown upon my advocacy of certain conspiracy theories, these materials constitute a unique form of higher education that I've pursued outside the traditional academic path. I may lack a conventional university education, but my unconventional knowledge deserves a chance to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Now that you've perused my thoughts, please return to the website's front page and explore this microcosm of the internet I've created. Dive deeper into the various pages, and let's embark on this intellectual journey together.

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