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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you get vaccinated against Covid-19?
After being a vocal anti-vaxxer since 2007, I did get two Covid-19 shots and a flu shot in 2021. I felt coerced by a personal situation. I do not want to get any boosters, or any further vaccines, ever, but I will get them if a situation makes me feel coerced to do so.
Who is [name]?
Look it up!
What time is it?
What is your main drive?
After I get my own apartment without room-mates (in the foreseeable future), I will want to take care of myself and live a very long time, and be safe, and exercise and eat well, and film entertaining little shows to post on certain web-sites. My main drive currently is to get into that situation where I'm in my own apartment without room-mates. There are steps I have to take to make that happen, and I am currently taking those steps.
How do humans reproduce?
Someone of any gender asks someone of any gender for consent to do things with and to the other individual, which you've gotta see to believe! And then the Stork brings a baby, either in a natural way or via adoption or surrogacy.
How can I remember all my passwords?
Sing your passwords as a song everywhere you go, all the time.
Is Santa real?
Humans aged 11 and under live in a "bubble dimension" wherein Santa, the Tooth Faerie, and the Easter Bunny, are real. On a human's 12th birthday, they magically transcend that dimension and are placed in a world where everything is the same, except Santa, the Tooth Faerie, and the Easter Bunny are fictional characters that we let children under 11 pretend are real.
What is consciousness?
Everything, and nothing.
What's the point of it all?
The ability to place value in other people, while also loving yourself.
Why don't you ever do anything productive?
A lot of famous authors have written less material than what I present in the "free-to-read writings" section of this web-site. Just because my writings aren't famous doesn't mean that creating them wasn't being as productive as any other author whom you happen to admire. I have written plays that have been staged, and I have acted in productions. In the neighbourhood where I currently live, I often help neighbours and passers-by with a variety of random things. There are certain achievements I intend to accomplish in my future also.
How do I get rich?
Buy books and other materials, about how to get rich; usually, those books will say something about the Law of Attraction, which is ironic because the Law of Attraction only actually works for people who are already rich. Ignore the parts of the books, and other materials, which deal with the Law of Attraction, and focus on the parts that encourage you to work hard on something.
Where did I put my keys?
Check ALL your pockets.
I like to watch TV.
How important to you are conspiracy theories? And how important to you is it for you to teach conspiracy theories to other people?
In my studies of such topics, I have learned that certain things happen to be true. When I first "woke up" to certain truths around 2008, I figured that the responsibility of a person who knows those things is to teach others. But by around 2017, I had already become well aware that trying to teach people who weren't ready for the information DOES cause problems, so my own continuing learning and studying became more important to me than teaching others. Since 2017, I haven't tried to teach any "people on the street" or random strangers any of those things in an unsolicited manner. Nowadays most times when I meet a new person, I try to connect regarding television shows of mutual interest.
Where is the nearest toilet?
Look for it!
You're 42, and you still live with your mother?
Just because I currently live with my mother, and two other adult brothers, doesn't mean I "still" live with my mother. In my adult life so far, I have resided in five other living situations where my mother, or other family members, weren't present; because those situations occured, the fact that I currently live with my mother doesn't mean that I "still" live with my mother. And a new move to a new place of my own is in the foreseeable future.
How do I repair a fridge?
Either hire a professional to fix it, or buy a new one.
Does the book "Asclepius' Staff" truly say how to cure cancer?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The book's claims are true. (But will you ever actually get around to reading it?)
Who do you currently love?
I'm so full of love that it confuses those who are full of shit.
Can I produce one of your plays or TV scripts?
Very likely! Contact me! It will likely be easier than you might assume, to get my permission and blessing!
Have you ever been a mooch?
Only when I had to be, and I haven't been one for some years. I've gradually gotten better at budgeting, including finding cheaper ways to aquire things I require. Whereas years ago I couldn't consider it, now I am confident with my ability to give "gas money" to anyone who gives me a ride somewhere (that I want to go to) and asks to be compensated. If anyone from my past thinks I got free rides from you in the past, I want you to estimate how many outings we went on when you didn't get paid for gas, and contact me with that number so we can negotiate how much I owe you; and then I WILL pay you, so you can stop spreading the idea of me being a mooch/leech.
Is Alan Holman mad/angry at me?
Regardless of whether or not Alan Holman is mad/angry at you, he is harmless to you; he has never meant any harm to anyone, and he never will mean any harm to anyone.
How often should I shower/bathe?
At least once every three days, if not more often.
If my question isn't in this F.A.Q., where can I ask it?
You can e-mail me at
What time is it?
Check three different clocks or watches or phone-displays or other such sources of time information, and process the data you acquire by doing that.
Just who the hell do you think you are, to tell me medical advice?
A person who knows what I know, and doesn't know what I don't know. If I gave you medical advice, that advice came from something I know. It's possible that what I know is wrong or missing information. If I gave you advice, either consider it or don't, but don't get angry or negative towards me, please; the advice came from a want to help, and you should appreciate that. If I didn't give you advice on your issue, it likely means that I don't know any advice to give on your issue.
How do I make the most of of my life?
Envision your personal definition of success. Imagine that it is the near future, and you have achieved that success. From that future perspective, look back at what the steps may have been which led to that success. Then, from the present perspective, take those steps.
Who should I vote for?
You can't go wrong with the political Right.
Do you like cartoons?
I like some cartoons, but I prefer anime.
Are we living in a simulation?
Yes. In this simulation, a lot of people are programmed to get in your way if you try to follow the entire protocol for curing cancer for which my book Asclepius' Staff provides instructions.
I'm having difficulty with this math problem.
Ask someone else.
Where did Covid-19 come from?
If it was a lab-leak, that could have either been not due to a conspiracy, or due to one. Or perhaps it was a natural development from nature. I don't know. I think that there are still only theories at this point.
Who controls the world?
13 families of Reptilian shape-shifters set the agenda for the "globalists," who are a collection of groups of humans who want to create a One World Government with a One World Army. If you ask, I can recommend a set of very thick books that are filled with facts that point in the direction of the previous sentence being true; but if you don't want to entertain or believe that concept, please don't mock people you meet who do believe it, especially don't mock them due to the fact that I said I can recommend books that point to it if you ask. You can ask by sending me an e-mail or asking in the forum.
I'm kinda hungry -- what should I eat?
Check if you have ingredients for a delicious sandwich; if you do, make one or two sandwiches. If you don't have the ingredients for a delicious sandwich, order either McDonald's or Subway, but take a note to buy the ingredients for delicious sandwiches so that you don't have to buy fast-food next time.

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