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Alan Holman
Email : newlegend2005@yahoo.ca

937 Avenue L North
Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Objective:  To earn money to cover costs of living, and to fund 
            my creative pursuits.  I'm very capable, but not 
            afraid to start from the beginning.


* U of S, Saskatoon, SK (Some College, Undeclared Major)
* E.D. Feehan High School, Saskatoon, SK (Class of 1999)
  EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: newspaper, outdoors club,
  drama club, band, Percussion Ensemble, SRC, curling,
  wrestling, track, minor sports official, light & sound, etc.


* honest, creative, determined, can type 70+ WPM, energetic, organized,
  resourceful, focused, calm under pressure, leader, follower, witty,
  self-starter, team-player, works well alone and works well in a team,
  problem solver, good public speaker, quick learner.

Employment History

* Tim Horton's Employee:  Tim Horton's (August 2007)
* Research Interviewer: Interactive Tracking Systems
(April 2003 - April 2004)
  + Participated in recruiting for Focus Groups.
  + Performed Market Research surveys.
  + Participated in political polling.
* Line Cook: Wendy's Restaurant (January 2003 - March 2003)
* Actor: Off Broadway Dinner Theatre (November 2002)
* Sandwich Artist: Subway (December 2001)
* Subscription Sales: The StarPhoenix (1995-1996)
* Carrier: The StarPhoenix 


* E.D. Feehan High School newspaper THE ILIAD.
* "Generation?" Column in Saskatoon Free-Net Newsletter (1995-96)
* A letter to the Editor published in TIME. (1998)
* "The Professor" A play at STM. (2000)
* Co-wrote a play at Winnipeg Fringe Festival (2002)
* "The Secret City by Buster Chan" A play at Off Broadway (2005)  

Volunteer Experience

* Special Olympics
  + Assisted handicapped people in a variety of events.
* Heart and Stroke Foundation
  + Canvassed.
* Unicef
  + Canvassed.
  + DJ and News Reader (1999-2001).
  + Operated broadcasting/mixing boards, and various equipment.
  + Wrote news copy
  + answering telephone, filing, delivering messages, errands, and other general office duties.
* Blood donor
* Various fund-raisers for high-school band
* Student Representative Committee Member
* Saskatchewan Playwright's Center
  + Various office tasks during the Spring Festival of New Plays.


* Awarded Scholarship into "Making a Play" camp at U of S.
* Ambassador Award for high-school extra-curricular activities.
* 2nd place winner in Saskatchewan Playwrights Center
  writing contest for script "The Professor" (2000)
  + Co-directed a cast of 9 actors.
* 1st place winner in Saskatchewan Playwrights Center 
  writing contest for script "The Adventures of ... ah who cares?" (2006)


* acting, biking, running, hiking, walking, music, swimming, paintballing,
  canoeing, tree planting, tree climbing, camping, drawing, horseback-riding,
  meditating, astronomy, anime, manga, painting, web design, reading,
  mythology, learning, nature, performing, theatre, games of logic and/or
  strategy, movies, cats, writing, video games, people, fun!

References Available Upon Request

P.S.  If this resume does not entice you to interview me or hire me, please
      e-mail suggestions to me at:  newlegend2005@yahoo.ca