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May 26th, 2010 - MUSIC REVIEW: "PatriPSYCHotic!" by The Ceej
Many years ago, I met Mr.Ceej online when he enjoyed an early draft of my story called Brian's Path. The draft he enjoyed was called The Creator. Not soon after I started chatting with him, he started sending MP3 files to me ... hundreds upon hundreds of songs that he recorded. For every hundred songs, about five were amazing. I advised him to keep producing songs at that quantity, but only share the amazing ones with people. He didn't do that, he continued sharing all of them with his whole e-mail list. But I kept listening. His writing is consistantly very interesting.

Fast-forward to now when we've got the release of his album PatriPSYCHotic. I recommend this album to anyone who figures out a way to acquire a copy. But I just must issue one warning: Mr. Ceej's muse is not affected by such inhibiting factors as taste. Seven out of ten stars.