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FREE Live TV channels, channels that air content 24/7. Some Roku apps contain Live TV channels. This page will tell you the exact app names to search for, and a general amount of how many Live TV channels to expect to find in each app that is on this list. The apps which are on this list are the ones which contain feeds of free live TV channels that are primarily English-speaking, and which are available in Canada, but a lot of these should also be available elsewhere. The exact app names are underlined in the following list; just search those app names in the appropriate menu in your Roku's user interface. The idea is to promote learning and keeping entertained, and keeping ones-self engaged with culture, through television-watching. Below, I am listing these apps in a suggested order for how you may chose to arrange them on your Home Screen; to move/re-arrange apps on your home screen, highlight the app and press the (*) button.

The Roku Channel - This excellent and varied set of Live TV channels is great for most Live TV enthusiasts! To get to the channels, you have to select "Live TV" from either your Roku's home screen or the app's menu. When the guide appears, navigation is with the arrows; selecting a channel is accomplished with the "ok" button. When watching a Live TV channel through The Roku Channel, the guide can be called with the left arrow button on the directional pad.

Pluto TV - It's Free TV - This groundbreaking app is full of great Live TV. In my opinion, they need more anime, such as those "slice of life" shows and comedic romance shows.

Tubi - Free Movies & TV - Here in Canada, this app includes a lot of live TV channels, including an awesome one called "Kartoon Channel!"

StreamOnABudget Showcase FREE - The creator of this app -- a popular blogger named Georges -- who is obviously passionate about helping frugal viewers to find great TV, provides you with a true spectrum of entertainment options! I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the channels in this app, and stay tuned for updates to the app!

CBC GEM - With a free account, you can access 14 live regional CBC TV stations from across Canada. With a premium account, you can access the CBC News Network.

Canadians with a cable subscription may want to 
       insert CTV at this part of their list/menu.
Canadians with a cable subscription may want to 
       insert Global TV at this part of their list/menu.

PLEX - To access the Live TV section in PLEX, browse to their "Channel Guide;" click it, and it will bring up an EPG that gives you access to a generous selection of live channels, including the anime channel "Retro Crush," a great genre film channel called "Kino Cult," a channel that explores the paranormal called "Unidentified," and a lot of other channels, and even some music video channels!

Stremium - If you get a free account from their web-site, you will have access to a useful set of currently around 50 live channels on this Roku app. When watching a channel, the guide can be accessed with the "back arrow" button on the remote. The channels highlight many types of programs.

TV HUB - Contains a large selection of live TV channels, including movie channels. Push the up arrow on the directional pad, to access the channel menu which appears on the bottom of the screen. This is a very good free alternative to cable. It hasn't been updated in a while; they still call a certain news channel by its old name.

RetroCrush - Watch Free Anime - Although this app has a lot of anime that you can choose from, it also has a live stream of their anime channel, and live-streams of two channels of live-action Japanese entertainment; all three channels have an EPG.

Comic Nerdz Entertainment - Several channels featuring nerdy content, mostly animated; mostly American cartoons featuring superheroes, some anime.

Freebie TV - In the "live" section, you have access to several channels.

Scripps News - It has a live stream of an American news channel that claims a lack of bias while having an obvious left-wing bias (in my opinion).

TikiLIVE - It'll ask you to login, but you don't have to login; just use the remote to go to the menu on the side of the screen, and select "guide;" this will take you to a guide of channels that you can view; there is also an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that goes along with the channels that you can view.

MyTvToGo Network - It has a selection of Live TV channels, devided into categories, with 23 channels in their "movies" category. Usually, an ad plays before the feed of the selected channel plays.

UNTV - Universe Network TV - Several live TV channels spread across a big guide. "Up" and "down" work for changing channels. A lot of the channels are excellent expressions from American Black culture.

DistroTV Free Live TV & Movies - A bunch of channels to put sound and motion into a room that would otherwise be painfully silent.

B-Movie TV - Although not entirely qualified as a live channel, it's mentioned here because it does have a daily schedule of programs which are on at specific times.

Talkin Live Classics TV - A live channel that features a lot of classic programs.

BYUtv - A live 24/7 channel with a lot of Mormon content. It can actually be fun to watch, even if you're not a Mormon. Give it a try! It's better than having a silent room with nothing going on.

Shout! Factory TV - Currently offers 10 Live TV channels.

Haystack Local & World News - Contains some live news TV stations.

Red Bull TV - Live TV that is usually focused on taking sports and human experience to the extreme.

Scientology Network - Live TV from Scientology. Scientology is a religion that teaches its adherants a curricula about greater effectiveness in all aspects of life. Scientology's Volunteer Ministers travel and help out where needed. Scientology teaches its adherants ways of solving the problems that are addressed by psychiatry, so Scientology is therefore against the psychiatric industry.

Newsmax TV - Right-wing live news station. Without signing up for an account, you can only access the channel "Newsmax 2" where the shows aren't as up-to-date. With a paid account, you can access their main channel. Network - Most of their live channels are focused on religion.

Nextv International - Four channels that are free, three of which are live news channels in English. Unless you sign up for their $0 (free) English package, you only get one channel.

Atop Television Cable - If you aren't on a partnering ISP of theirs, which you probably aren't, you can still watch a free stream of a live TV channel called The Knowledge Network if you skip the sign-in screen.

GINIKO Plus TV - It has several Live TV channels. I recommend their channel called "Global Music Videos."

Glewed.TV - Over 50 live channels. Usually, an ad will run before the feed of your chosen channel loads.

CBS News - It has several live feeds of CBS News stations, including sports and an Entertainment Tonight channel.

Bel TV - Last time I checked it, only one of their English language channels were working. It has channels in other languages that work, and I saw part of a Judo tournament on one of them. - You can find live channels in here if you look for them.

Beacon Three 33 Networks - One live channel. It's about Faith & Family.

The Reewind Network - It now has nine live channels! ... but only one of them works as of the two most recent times when I tested the app.

Watch Free TV Plus Channel - Only one channel on it currently works, and that is a Christmas Romance Channel.

JasminTV - Some channels featuring short, visually appealing music videos with nearly nude, but never nude, women.

Bloomberg - A business news channel, in other words one of those things where people in suits talk about things that barely anyone really understands. And they are all very rich, because they are at least pretending to understand what they're talking about.

CatholicTV Network - An American channel that contains quite a lot of Catholic content.

B-Zone - One live TV channel that features "B-Movies."

VideoElephant TV - Several news channels, including entertainment news channels, with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). It includes the channel "Insight TV" whose app I recently deleted from this list as their app stopped providing their channel. When you are on a channel that you want to watch, to remove the guide from the screen, you must press the "back arrow" button at the top of your Roku remote.

PEG.TV - A large selection of community access TV stations from a bunch of American cities. A person who is curious about the goings-on in American cities can really enjoy this.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN - A live channel that provides English-language news and cultural documentaries from Japan.

Dunn Vision Live TV - As of the time I'm writing this, it has 56 live channels.

Dunn Vision News - As of the time I'm writing this, it has 14 live channels, mostly focused on news.

SSH101 TV - It always has some live channels, but very few of them are in English.

TVNOW - Contains one channel. It was playing an old horror movie on my most recent check for if it works.

CONtv - You can watch their anime channel for free.

KlowdTV - They have a free package, with some channels. Sign up for their free package at their web-site. The free package includes the famous "InfoWars" channel, a channel which I believe is occasionally essential viewing.

Galxy - Has a live stream of a channel called Galxy.

Loop Music Videos - Includes some live channels for music videos.

Veely - It has a small selection of live channels.

It's Real Good TV - It has a live TV section with three channels.

FoxD Network TV - It has a bunch of channels.

Dr Coldwell Opinion TV - It has a live channel with a lot of content from Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who cured over 35000 cancer patients in his clinic in Germany, before the government shut down his clinic because he wasn't using drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation. Although you can get some clues to what he did for cancer by watching this channel, the focus of the channel seems to be broader. On a side-note, I studied Dr. Coldwell between 2009 to 2011, and I wrote this free ebook which although it is not affiliated with this Roku app, I believe that it can help you to contextualize what you see on this channel.

EWTN Canada - Contains a live stream of a Christain channel called EWTN. Every day, they have a mass.

Cinehouse - Stream Your Niche - Contains a few live TV channels. None of them worked when I tested it on June 17th, 2023. If I test them in or beyond July 2023 and they still don't work, I will delete this entry from this list.

Boston Big Network - Although most of the channels in here are not in English, there are English language news channels in here.

Global Premium Network - A live stream of one channel. When I checked it out, there was a show on that stars Snoop Dogg.

Planet Cannabis Entertainment - Contains several live channels.

Dupont Network(TM) - Has a live stream of a channel called The Dupont Network.

CHEK+ - Has a live stream of a channel which seems like a sports commentary channel from British Columbia.

360TVN - One channel is live streamed from this app.

Premium Free - Contains several live channels about aspects of Black culture.

Hipstr - One channel is live streamed from this app.

LiveOne TV - It connects you to a live channel.

eBaba - It has a lot of channels that you can access with a free account; and you can add your favourite of the app's channels to a "favourites" list, making your favourite channels from this app easier to access.

RetroStrange TV - It has one channel which strange and retro programming.

AUSFTA - It has a menu which lets you select from a lot of Australian TV channels. Only some channels work (at the time of writing this). I will update this description if/when I notice that they've fixed it.

Up Next Tv - 9 channels, with a guide.

Streamfire - 5 channels.

America's Voice News - A live news channel that -- as I understand it -- people who defected from FOX News started and work at.

Free Movies & TV - There is only one live channel on this app; and when I checked it, it was playing a really old movie.

Movies For Free - Three movie channels -- Action, Comedy, Drama -- which have their own Electronic Program Guide.

Radiant TV - 24 TV channels, with an Electronic Program Guide.

TFC Network - 1 TV channel.

the original Creature Features - 1 TV channel.

Z SUPER CHANNEL - Several TV channels, some of which seem to currently be in a testing phase.

VIVALIVE TV - A lot of channels, though many are not in English ... but enough are in English for me to mention this app here. This is one of those apps where you can skip the sign-in, and then navigate to a "guide," and then navigate to the channel that you want to watch. I'd like to recommend a channel called "Top 40" because of its great mix of music videos.

NOST - The Nostalgia Channel - A good place for those black-and-white programs that reflect the fiction from earlier times.

KORTV - Korean Entertainment 24/7 - Some of the channels in here are English speaking, and some have English subtitles. This just may be a place to go to keep up with K-Pop trends.

Mometu - This app contains access to several Live TV channels.

American Horrors - The app instantly connects you to a horror channel.

Free Movies & TV with Rewarded TV - A bunch of channels, with an EPG.

Infini TV Network - A bunch of independent channels, with an EPG.

XPTV 1 - A channel for Americans who live overseas, which focuses on the musical culture of the USA.

XPTV 2 - A channel for Americans who live overseas, which focuses on yesterday's television programs with cultural significance to Americans.

CarbonTV - Browse to its 'Live TV' section, and you will find access to a lot of channels.

HBCU+ - Some live channels, with an EPG, that seem to be focused on college-level sports teams from a group of schools.

Brighteon - A channel with political and health talk and news shows.

NOTE: This page focuses on free content, so that's why I didn't mention GlobalTV, CTV, River, or V Media. This page is not actually affiliated with Roku; it is a resource I created and which I update, for fellow users of and appreciators of Roku.

This page is continuously under construction. If any of the above mentioned Roku apps no longer work, or are no longer available in Canada, or no longer offer Live TV, or if you're in Canada and you have discovered a Roku App that isn't mentioned here, which contains some Live TV on it, send me an e-mail at - Also, send me an e-mail if you think there is a detail I should either include or not have included in my description of an app. - please note that some providers of Live TV on Roku in Canada will not be mentioned on this page, no matter how often you suggest them, due to certain personal editorial reasons, reasons which I never have to disclose. Also, I am under the impression that all of the apps mentioned here are legal; if you have any contrary information, please alert me.

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