Banana Chan Episode Guide

Banana Chan is a long story that follows a girl named Lacy who prefers to be called Banana, through a lot of situations and choices, showing that she sometimes learns and sometimes doesn't. It takes place in an imagined version of Japan that is a bit more westernized; the story takes place mostly in a coastal town, and it is filled with a range of characters, and the events of the story usually have a theme of fighting against "the powers that be." And despite what I just said: If you read this paragraph and the below summaries, don't assume that you actually know what the story is actually about, or what points the author makes within the writing, or what lessons the story exists to teach; all those things can only be determined from reading the actual scripts.

Episode 1: "The Emotion 16 Soldiers VS The Eater Of Worlds, Part 1 of 2" -- Our story begins in 2002, when our main character Banana is an 11 year-old girl. She and her mom just moved back from Tokyo, to the small town called Rain where she spent her earlier childhood. Missing a boy named Boden who she was friends with in Tokyo, Banana is approached by three girls who refuse to leave her alone until she agrees to join them in arbitrary battles against a series of monsters.

Episode 2: "The Emotion 16 Soldiers VS The Eater Of Worlds, Part 2 of 2" -- Banana spends three years, until age 14, in arbitrary battles against monsters, culminating in a confrontation against The Eater of Worlds. The events of the first two episodes make her realize and apprerciate that she has a lot of choices to make in life; and choices can have either consequences or positive results. Then, she accidentally gets a tiny treatable injury.

Episode 3: "The Arrangement" -- 14 year old Banana meets a 14 year old boy named Ryone. Ryone likes her a lot, but she still has strong emotions connected to her memories of her friend Boden. Banana's mom finds a document that indicates that Banana has been arranged to marry Ryone.

Episode 4: "Love Letters" -- Just as Ryone's unwanted affections, which are expressed as "Protective Dialogue" in notes -- a type of dialogue that is made from concern and a positive kind of fantasy -- a type of dialogue that SHOULD be legally protected -- but as it starts to creep Banana out, Mrs. Chan tells Banana about the arrangement to marry Banana and Ryone. Apparently, their fathers work for top secret companies that are going to merge after the wedding. These events lead Banana to contemplate the possibility that there are some areas in life where "choice" has been taken away.

With hair of orange, so bright and bold,
A fourteen-year-old, so full of life and gold.
Eyes of green, that sparkle and gleam,
She shines like the sun, in a world so serene.

Her laughter is contagious, her smile so bright,
She illuminates any room, day or night.
Her spirit is free, as she dances and twirls,
A beautiful soul, who's beauty unfurls.

She's a dreamer, a doer, with passions untold,
Her future so bright, with stories to unfold.
She's wise beyond her years, yet still a child at heart,
Her kindness and love, a work of art.

So here's to this girl, with orange hair and green eyes,
A beauty so rare, that always surprises.
She shines like the stars, in a sky so blue,
A beautiful soul, that shines forever true.

-- Ryone Hazuki

Episode 5: "The Walk" -- Ryone doesn't know about the arrangement; in truth, both Banana and Ryone weren't supposed to be told about it until they're both 18. But since Banana knows about it, she decides to go for a walk with Ryone. During the walk, a dog whom Banana is also walking, bites Ryone in a sacred place.

Episode 6: "Resistance" -- After fighting for her rights regarding an unfair school policy, Banana's inflated ego victimizes Ryone for two years. Ryone absolutely didn't victimize Banana. What is your opinion?

Episode 7: "What Makes Me Smile" -- 16 year-old Banana is vying for the attention of a boy named James, while 16 year-old Ryone continues trying to gain affinity from Banana. Banana gets a new pet cat, and she accidentally hurts a child in an incident at a mall. This is inspired by anime, so you know that the child who she accidentally hurt in the mall will come to live with her.

Episode 8: "A Cat And His Boy" -- Turns out the cat can talk; he's a cyborg. Also, Banana's 12 year-old grandson from the future, named Buster, shows up -- who says that, in the future, Banana ends up marrying a guy named Rob. Ryone -- the "good guy" in this story -- is still pining over Banana in the background.

Episode 9: "FutureBoy" -- Buster tells the story about his turbulant childhood, and how a demon gave him the power to time-travel from an apocalyptic event in 2050, to 2008, which is when he comes to live with his 16 year-old grandma from the past named Banana. Even though Banana is arranged to marry Ryone, Buster says that in his time-line Banana ended up with a guy named Rob. Maybe time and destiny aren't set in stone, and Banana can choose any guy she wants!

Episode 10: "Buster's First Kiss" -- Banana's friend Alicia invites Banana and Buster to a party. Alicia takes a liking to Buster, but Buster doesn't feel the same way about Alicia. In a series full of female characters, Ryone remains a candidate for "leading male."

Episode 11: "Obama-Chan" -- On the day when Barack Obama was elected President of the U.S.A., Banana was a fan of Obama, but Buster comes from a future time-line where Obama was part of an evil cabal known as "Globalists." Buster plans to derail a globalist plot with a computer hacking scheme. But it's probably just another one of those things where kids say something ambitious one day, and then the next day they are like they completely forgot about it!

Episode 12: "Androphobia" -- The more Ryone is convinced that Banana and him are destined to be together, the more annoyed Banana is of Ryone. Banana has some weird dreams. Buster feels sympathy for Ryone.

Episode 13: "Trappings" -- Banana has more weird dreams. In the meanwhile, Buster remains sympathetic toward's Ryone's cause. Does Ryone have an ally in Buster?

Episode 14: "The Secret Society" -- Buster is tapped as a prospect for initiation into a Secret Society called "The Space Monkeys." He rejects them, but Banana finds a role with them. This episode is a fictionalized exaggeration of true events, wherein names and everything have been changed.

Episode 15: "Liminality" -- In the year 2009, we get a glimpse at Ryone's home-life, and it's not good; his father is abusive. Ryone's escape from his turbulant home-life is poetry and notes to Banana, dreams of her being his companion in peace. But, so far, Banana has also been nothing but trouble for him.

Episode 16: "Project Blue Beam" -- Banana sneaks onto a secret space station, and wanders around and makes friends there. The young teen nerds who work there have been hired to play roles in a plot called "Project Blue Beam," which is a secret plot for the government to use an alien threat to scare people into finding their places in a New World Order. Banana swipes a working replica "Star Wars" X-Wing from there, and takes it home.

Episode 17: "Hell Freezes Over?" -- The secret space station, from the previous episode, is destroyed. Banana visits her friend Raphael in the hospital. As things go, Banana ends up kissing Ryone in this episode, hoping it'll make him lose interest in her.

Episode 18: "Banana Of The Seven Seas" -- After Banana has an dream about an adventure on the seas, she and Buster have a little quarrel. Is there any situation where boys and girls can get along? Why can't everybody just be friends?

Episode 19: "A Sea-Lion For A Princess" -- Banana and her friend Vikki share some stories. Buster has a nightmare. Ryone's friend gives him some advice.

Episode 20: "Planet X" -- Banana meets Rob, the guy who Buster said in an earlier episode that Banana ended up marrying in the future of the time-line which Buster came from. With 2009 coming to a close, Buster meets a girl named Maiko. Both Buster, and his talking cat 937, individually see a therapist.

Episode 21: "The Better Man" -- Buster lost his time-travel ability, and he just finished telling Maiko his back-story. Right after Banana finds out that Rob has an evil plot, Rob gets arrested for that plot. Banana is devastated by Rob's arrest. Banana invites an American traveler named Dorian to stay at the Chan house for a while, at the same time as when Mrs. Chan invites Ryone to stay over at the Chan house. Ryone gets very frustrated. When Rob gets released from Jail, Banana has changed her tune and she is not happy to see him when he interrupts a coffeeshop-chat between her and Ryone. Rob and Ryone have an interesting little conversation.

Episode 22: "DeClassifieds" -- In this episode, Ryone says the very revealing line about how he feels about Banana: "She's my hope for an escape to freedom. I only hope she doesn't take away my freedom to escape to hope." Baka rescues Buster's mom Roko from when she fell out of that building in the future in an earlier episode, and Baka brings Buster's mom Roko to Buster in 2009. Buster and his mom move to an apartment. More time passes. In December of 2010, Buster finds out about a space ship that will take local civilians throughout the solar system, and he is enthusiastic about the trip.

Episode 23: "Sawa-Style" -- Buster deals with a temporary form of amnesia while his family and friends are preparing to enter a space-ship for a trip throughout the solar system. Buster's friend Chikao teaches Buster secrets of a strange martial art. Banana's father Reg shows up; it turns out he's the Captain of the space-ship.

Episode 24: "The Eternal Oasis" -- An alleged angel tells Buster that he will have a chance to destroy the universe, and the alleged angel tells Buster that when that chance comes, he should destroy the universe; this disturbs Buster ... for a while ... until Buster and Maiko share enthusiasm about the upcoming trip. Reg tells Ryone the purpose of the trip; it's so Banana and Ryone can get closer before their secretly arranged marraige. Probably because it'd be very difficult for Ryone to afford one, Reg gives Ryone a ring (meant for Ryone to give to Banana), and Reg tells Ryone to use that ring to propose to Banana during the climax of the upcoming trip through space.

Episode 25: "The New World Order" -- Banana tells Ryone who his rivals for her hand are. As the ship exits the Earth's atmosphere, Rob -- who now controls the Megalith Corporation -- devastates the planet with destructive weapons, so that he can rebuild society in a way that suits the goals of his corporation. Crazy dramatic stuff happens on the ship, and the episode ends with a cliffhanger right after Buster is ejected from an airlock.

Episode 26: "The Music" -- Banana rescues Buster, using powers that were given to her earlier -- This rescue is the reason why I, the author, see this character Banana Chan as a hero, and this rescue is therefore the reason why the overall story is called Banana Chan. The space tourists take in the sights, sounds, and experiences, of Jupiter's "Ice Moon" Europa, while donning radiation-proof vestiments. When Buster finds out about something scandalous that Maiko did to him in his sleep before the trip (exactly what made him dream about that alleged angel), he loses his temper and uses the powers, which Chikao taught him about earlier, to propel him to a cave near the very edge of the universe. There, a creature gives him the chance to cause "The Great Reset"; but after a philosophical conversation, Buster doesn't cause "The Great Reset." After the trip, Banana now lives in her own apartment ... but it's just a crappy little "studio" apartment. It turns out that Buster's mom is guilty of the crime of making advanced weapons at an off-grid place, and she is summoned to a court.

Episode 27: "Cara's Ark" -- This story takes the series all the way to the year 2026, and then back to 2008, where the main characters are the ages that they were in 2008, and they have the memories of all their experiences up to 2026. During this story, Banana and Ryone have a daughter named Cara, who can also be seen in another story on this web-site, a story called Brian's Path.

Episode 28: "Vagrant Story" -- It's 2008 again ... and again. Then, it's 2009 ... and a guy who claims to be an older version of Buster warns Buster about a thing worse than Armageddon, called Ophiucius.

Episode 29: "Cara Has Grown Up" -- Banana and Ryone meet a grown up version of Cara, their daughter from an erased alternate future time-line. What Banana and Ryone both feel for Cara is a very real and very significant and very important form of love. By the end of the episode, the main characters die and go to Baka's house in Hell.

Episode 30: "From Mud And Clay" -- Time passes to 2049, where Buster's original time-line is re-written. Then, the dead main characters find a method and reason to go back to their bodies, as they were, in 2008, with their memories intact from all their experiences. Baka has a twin named Fuji. A bunch of really weird stuff happens, and then Banana admits to Ryone that she actually does love Ryone.

Episode 31: "Untitled, Part 1 of 4" -- This episode will get a title, and a brief description of the episode will be on this page.

Episode 32: "Untitled, Part 2 of 4" -- This episode will get a title, and a brief description of the episode will be on this page.

Episode 33: "Untitled, Part 3 of 4" -- This episode will get a title, and a brief description of the episode will be on this page.

Episode 34: "Untitled, Part 4 of 4" -- This episode will get a title, and a brief description of the episode will be on this page.

Episode 35: "Oversouls, Part 1 of 2" -- In the year 2010, Banana and Ryone get married. They are happy together. They have unlocked a new way to travel throughout time and the Universe together.

Episode 36: "Oversouls, Part 2 of 2" -- The story has its epilogue. Banana and Ryone become Masters of traveling through time and the Universe together, in a wider universe that was first described in my purposely bad novel "Golden City."

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