The Underground Publication That Is Giving People Tools For Their Fight Against Cancer
... that are different and better than those "tools" which "Doctors" use, IMHO.

Author Alan Holman's Microcosm

I wrote a book called "Asclepius' Staff" that explains a scientifically valid holistic method for curing cancer. The book is largely based on information that I learned because of where Dr. Leonard Coldwell is positioned within my periphery.

My book "Asclepius' Staff" explains my understanding of a combination of information from a variety of sources including Dr. Coldwell. My book is free, and you can download your free copy of it below; however, I strongly advise someone who actually has cancer to also buy a copy of Dr. Coldwell's latest book on cancer, by following this link. Whoever you are, and whatever your situation is: Whether or not you read my free book, you should buy Dr. Coldwell's book.
The most important thing to mention here is that my book gives instructions for a protocol which does in fact cure cancer if done properly and under the right conditions. The cure for cancer is a Nutritional Operation, NOT a Surgical Operation! My book "Asclepius' Staff" also contains a great list of nutrients that have cancer fighting properties, and explanations of those properties, to equip you to set the right portions of a strategic selection of them against your specific cancer!

I'm claiming the above things because they are true. I am a good person who would not knowingly participate in a scam on this topic; and I wouldn't know how to pull such a thing off.

Read my whole electronic book for free: [Asclepius' Staff]

Buy Dr. Coldwell's latest book on cancer: [Get Dr. C's book!]

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One thing I would like to do with donated money is print up copies of my book and distribute them to people I meet!

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