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Radio waves slide through the air in circles; they are are invisible, but they carry opinions that support the agendas of powerful people, while other opinions are not licensed for broadcast; they are blocked by call-screeners and editing methods such as using a delay. Radio waves also contain music and drama and comedy and even sci-fi; they contain content that is essential to the modern human experience. Imagine that an Illuminati is hiding symbols in the sound patterns within the music, and in the lyrics of the songs, and in the order of the songs within each set of songs that are played on any particular radio station. You can imagine such things; and you may be correct in some cases, which is why we must always value and honor those DJs who are just lone stoners who like to listen to and share music. These days, the bigger the corporation is that runs the radio station, the more chance that the playlists are tampered with by the Illuminati, and also based on algorhythms, whatever those are.

OC Remix Radio -- The best music in the world.

Radio Garden -- A site that lets you rotate a globe, and select terrestrial radio stations from many points on the map.

TuneIn -- A site that lets you listen to nearly every terrestrial and exclusively online radio station that is meant for public consuption! This site is also a great place to find and listen to podcasts!

Talk Stream Live -- A site that lets you listen to American radio stations as they air talk shows!

Live365 -- A lot of radio stations created by internet users, with tools to help you create your own station!

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