It brings to mind the universe, creation and all thought,
A tapestry of stars and galaxies, in cosmic fabric wrought.
And studies bring a solitude; seize life, it's all you got,
In quiet contemplation, truths and wisdom are sought.

The mysteries of existence, in every hidden nook,
In the pages of knowledge, in every written book.
The universe's grandeur, in its vast and endless scope,
Calls for exploration, to discover the secrets and the hope.

With every question asked, with every theory explored,
We journey through the cosmos, our curiosity implored.
In the stillness of the night, under a starry sky,
We ponder life's great questions, as time goes rushing by.

So let us learn and wonder, in this grand and wondrous place,
With open hearts and minds, we'll find our path and grace.
For in the study of the world, in the pursuit of what is true,
We glimpse the boundless wonder, in all that we pursue.

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