Author Alan Holman's Microcosm

Celebrities I Like (or not), And Blurbs About Them! (In No Order)

Seth Rogen - Famous actor Seth Rogen is one year younger than me. I've always thought he was older than me. On a certain other web-site where I spent years chatting with people who love movies, the other people at that web-site knew me as someone who enjoyed some of Seth Rogen's movies while not liking Seth Rogen. The main thing that I don't like about him is that he has some nuanced similarities to certain individuals who have made efforts to exclude me from certain fun outings in the past. So my dislike of him is not his fault and has nothing to do with anything he actually did; but when we watch any actor in any movie, we sometimes mentally compare those actors and characters with people who've been in our own environments, from our own histories (and maybe movies wouldn't work if we weren't doing this at some level.). All I'm saying here is that if I ever find myself in the same environment as Seth Rogen, I hope he includes me in some fun activity that he's doing at that time.
Anna Faris - She is an actress who is kinda around my age, if not a bit older. I admire her a lot, and she does a podcast called Unqualified.
Tom Green - Canadian comedian Tom Green once answered an e-mail I sent to him. When my dad and brother had cancer, I sent a very ... and I mean very ... extremely long e-mail to Tom Green, ranting about emotions and family and illness and stuff. Tom Green actually replied to that particular e-mail, and he said kind words. I no longer have his reply, so I can't prove this, but I remember that whatever he wrote was kind and made me feel a bit better during the whole situation.
Can someone explain the appeal of "steampunk"?
Tim Allen - A true man's man. A tool man, a family man, a funny man, a wise man. I admire him quite a lot, he has infused wisdom into his sitcoms. It would be cool if, at some point before 2025, his show "Last Man Standing" were to get revived. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Kevin Smith - He's the guy who played Silent Bob in that one movie wherein you saw that character. Apparently, that character also appears in other movies too, and you can look them up when/if you have/find time for it! I admire this actor for that thing I saw him in, and I have a hunch that he might even have talents for directing ... but will anyone give him a chance before he's too old?
I am hoping that they release all episodes of the "King of the Hill" reboot's first season on the same day.
Laura Bertram - She played some cool characters throughout her career so far -- from the perfectly normal Amanda Zimm to the spectacular Trance Gemini, and lots of levels in between and around those levels of awesome characters -- and I wish for her that she continues to get good roles!
Weird "Al" Yankovic - I saw him perform live twice. Those performances were amazing! He is a celebrity who puts an honest amount of hard work and honed skills into his art!
Years ago, "they" said that they were going to make a "Naruto" live-action movie. What's going on with that? It could be really cool, if done right. What they have to do is cast an actual 12 year-old boy to play Naruto in the first movie. And the franchise should be filmed with mid-level special effects, so that they can make several movies with the boy as he ages naturally. This is important for a ton of reasonable reasons.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone - They need to hire outside writers who love their show, and they need to produce a bunch of new generic episodes of South Park in bulk; Lord knows they've got a fast enough production facility. The world loves laughing with those characters, so let diverse writers speak through those characters we love, telling a spectacularly large amount of frequently released episodes that are basically pulp stories; it's what they should do, rather than how they're handling that franchise.
Douglas Adams - Roughly a year before the popular author Douglas Adams died, he replied to an e-mail I sent to him. I no longer have his reply, and I neither remember what I wrote to him nor what he replied. I just remember that when I was much younger, I wrote him a fan e-mail, he replied; then he died roughly a year later. He was an awesome author and thinker.
Will Smith - He smacked Chris Rock in public, and I still don't see any justification for it. However, despite that, I still love ALL of his movies and TV shows; I think that his work stands on its own merits and is wonderful; and he should continue to get cast in new projects.
Jim Carrey - The fact that he grew up poor before he became rich gives me some hope that I might become rich, as I know what it's like to be poor.