Ask Psychic Sasorkat!

Hello! I'm Psychic Sasorkat! For a limited time, I'll give free psychic readings on this web-page! Please e-mail your questions to me at with the subject heading "For Psychic Sasorkat." And then return to this web-page about a week after you've sent your question to see if yours is one of the ones that I have chosen to answer here! This is for entertainment purposes only; but if the reading is accurate, please send a testimonial!

Current Predictions:
-Kids of all ages will get Baby Yoda dolls for an Easter Present, and Baby Yoda will be synonymous with Easter for a while.
-David Icke will publically announce that the Earth is flat.
-A new anime will become very popular worldwide.
-People will label the 20s something other than "Roaring."
-The coronavirus will get under control, and it will fade out around May.