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"I'm really happy with recent developments to my web-site. My current web-site is the current in a set of web-sites I've run since the mid-1990s. My web-sites have mainly been a place for me to put stories that I write, but they have always also had a variety of other features. The current thing that I'm proud of is an "incidental" page that I recently made which can only be viewed if you try to click the link back to the main page from a specific sub-page. This "incidental" page gives some extra information before you return to the main page from that specific sub-page. Even though it'll ultimately probably be a page with very few views compared to all the other pages, I like that page, and I like that I recently had the idea to create it." -- Alan Holman

The Incidental Page

Welcome to The Incidental Page on my web-site! Stay tuned as I develop this into a cool area! Check back here whenever you remember it, and I hope I'll have something special here for you to enjoy!