Author Alan Holman's Microcosm

Mission Statement

Tangible Successes That Don't Involve Making Money
If you've followed the majority of the independent web-sites and the types of projects that I've been involved with in my life, you may have noticed that my main focus is projects and web-sites that enrich their audience in some way while rarely providing a financial profit to myself. For example: Even though I sell six books I wrote, I use the profits to print up more copies which I usually distribute for free, usually to people who want a copy. And I usually have free-to-read complete versions online of the books that I also sell, and those free-to-read versions tend to be 99% the same as the versions that are sold; this drastically lowers how much I profit financially from my projects, but it dramatically increases the reach of the specific lessons that my projects exist to teach people. And I consider that a type of success that is very important to me; in fact, more important to me than money. For the foreseeable future, the kinds of projects and independent web-sites that I'll continue to be and get involved with are those where my expressions on those platforms exist to teach people certain things for free rather than for my own personal financial profit. I have always been very poor financially, and I currently still am, and I know that the way I put others before myself in my business practices will not help me get rich financially, but certain friendships and resources I've gained, answers to important questions I've learned and taught and continue to teach, more than sometimes make me feel incredibly rich in other ways! And I'm totally fine with that.

   Final Chorus: The Warning is Heeded - Nature Reborn
Text by Peter Maxwell Davies

May tides turn bright.
Pure salt spangles, spindrift glint,
a-shimmer through the mirrored spread
of scatheless cirrus sky.
May reborn woodlands' spangled shadows
safeguard night-jar, fawn and fox.
May wildcat stalk again.
May lichen flourish on the stone,
where wheatfields,
mottled gold and green,
make waves, unsullied as the sea.
May we who hesitate here on the edge
turn to join the round of all Nature's dance:
Let's not hesitate any longer,
for time's not running out on us -
till we join in the dance -
Nature's helpmates,
certain of our right place,
Nature's servants,
certain of all the right steps in the dance,
in tune with all Nature's creation,
in step, in time
with the whole of creation,
in step, in time,
in step, in time,
in tune with all creation.
[Text repeats from 'May we who hesitate here on the edge.']
For the sake of our children,
and our children's children,
may resolve be firm, immutable, evergreen,
our hallowed trust,
our hallowed trust - evergreen.

The Turn Of The Tide
Music by Peter Maxwell Davies
Copyright 1992 Chester Music Limited.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

Another Mission Statement

Nightcore ignites otherwise dormant passions, makes me take positive -- usually subtle and nuanced -- actions that hopefully help me slide through time towards the destinations where I really serioiusly want to enjoy some time.