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Noteworthy Links

I don't know if any visitor to this web-site will find the following links as special and important as I do. The majority of the links below are to sites that are run by people for whom I have high levels of affinity because of past interactions that were positive, and those interactions could have been in the real world or even on the internet.

List Of Canadian News Outlets - A comprehensive list of web-sites where you can find Canadian news and Canadian journalism.

Author Deina Furth - A writer who deserves success. Buy and enjoy her Kindle books. Encourage her to write more! She is a Registered Nurse and a mother, and much of her works were written before she had children. It would be great if you were to buy her works, and it would help to keep smiles on her children's faces! She also usually has cats.

Abundance Academy - The CEO of this web-site is Larisa Makuch. I sat beside her in high school band classes for quite a significant amount of time, though I barely spoke with her back then. I always had affinity for her, though, and I've always been proud to know her, especially nowadays because she's currently helping countless people to improve themselves and find greater success. Especially if you are a woman who wants a better situation in life, study Larisa's materials. And if you tell her Alan Holman sent you, she'll know who you're talking about, so do that.

Cartoon My Dog - My friend Kendall will personally draw your dog as a cartoon character. I have encountered an app which does a very similar job as what Kendall did for me when I hired her to do this -- I am not accusing her of using an app, no ... I have a lot of affinity for Kendall ... what I'm saying is that Kendall is an actual artist and you should pay a human artist for a job rather than get an Artificial Intelligence to do the job ... because humans actually need the support of your business.

Kendall's Redbubble Store - My friend Kendall, an awesome artist, has put her art onto products! It's awesome! Buy something!

Conscious Birth - Joanne Fisher will help with many aspects of pregnancy, and you'll have a healthy and happy baby! I've known Joanne ever since I was seventeen, and she was sixteen. We've been friends since we met in a place where a type of artist was expressing some emotion creatively. I know that she's the real deal and genuine in every one of her business ventures.

Fluid Creations by Erin - Artist Erin Caudle will sell you a beautiful, stylish painting that you can display on the wall in your apartment or house! These paintings really are a delight to the eyes and mind when you look at them! And these paintings make any area look and feel wonderful!

Iron Realm Media - A very honest group of fellows, who do shows across the internet about real topics.

Leitbur - A very talented musician. Listen to his music; it's amazing!

Li Buszka - A (they/them) who is very talented in the visual arts. If you hire them to illustrate for your project, tell them Alan Holman sent you! Li was very nice and generous when I used to chat with them a lot, quite some years ago. Now Li is the famous illustrator of Lupina and I am proud of them!

Short Story And Flash Fiction Society - A site by writers, for writers and readers.

Your Do It Yourself Health - Stay healthy! Sgt. Jim Ramm (ret.) is a student of Dr. Joel Wallach who is an expert nutritionist. Sarge gives information about how you can take your health into your own hands, and use the right supplements rather than any pharmaceuticals. Remember to judge a Doctor by how hard they try to get you off of pharmaceuticals, a good Doctor will keep you away from pharmaceuticals.

Any friend of mine -- past, present, or future -- regardless of the present status of our knowing of each-other, is welcome to have any web-site they run listed on this page. If you've ever known me, and if you'd like for me to list your web-site above, along with me saying something nice about you and/or your web-site, you -- anyone who knows me or has known me -- is welcome to send me an e-mail and request that their web-site be listed here! You'd be pleasantly surprised by whose web-sites I seriously do want to list here, but haven't yet simply because those webmasaters haven't asked! Don't be shy, I only bite when consent for that is granted! My e-mail address is: