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Fossil Fuel Pharmaceuticals

Big Pharma relies on fossil fuels for components/ingredients for a wide variety of drugs, all of which have absolutely no nutritional value. Although a portion of these drugs may have desirable effects, there is always a cost to another nuance of your overall health. Ultimately, nutrition is better for gradually resolving solvable problems. Ask for "Fossil Fuel Free Prescriptions," or no prescriptions at all.

Youth Sports Are So Inaccessible To Poor Kids That Some Potential Future Sports Stars Don't Even Know Where Or How To Sign Up.

One thing that seriously bothered me when I was a kid was I spent a lot of time as a kid wondering how other kids in my classroom got onto these sports teams from which they would occasionally wear their jerseys to class. There were times as a kid when I really wanted to join one of those teams, even though I wasn't very athletic. I wasn't the best at sports, but I also wasn't the worst. These teams had nothing to do with the school, they were teams made up of kids ... and I was a kid ... and there were times when I wanted to join those teams ... any of those teams ... but I had no idea where the door was to enter.

The restrictions that were placed on Canadians during Covid have no place in Canada. Good Canadians had and have no business following any of the restrictions or rules that were put in place during Covid. It's the "true north strong and FREE." The people who proposed the restrictions and rules weren't even in Canada, and they weren't even elected. We must make sure that such threats to our sovereignty never happen again.
"Solitary Confinement" is an inhumane practice which should never be done to anyone; there is no possible reason which actually justifies the practice of "solitary confinement." A person who has to be removed from any situation should be placed in another situation where the person has more resources than the original situation, not less resources, and especially not the complete lack of resources.
I think that if police are to utilize dogs for any purpose, none of the purposes for which they use dogs should include any dogs biting any people. Regardless of what a person did or may have done, having a dog bite the person is a "second wrong" that doesn't make a right. Two wrongs don't make a right. To some people, dogs are terrible monsters; people like that put out vibes which give dogs permission to horribly maul them, and in fact police dogs have been responsible for some horrible maulings; I was reading articles about it earlier, and the articles made me disgusted at the too common practice that police do of using dogs to bite people. Having a dog bite someone for an ALLEGED crime is terrible, especially since people are supposedly presumed innocent until proven guilty. Any police dog who bites any person should be put down just like any other dog who bites any person. Most crimes are non-violent anyway, though no crime should be met with violence.

Flat Earth - Have you ever thought we're lied to about where we are? You're right!

9/11 Truth - Have you ever thought we were lied to about that day? Maybe there are lies and deceptions in the complex fabric of what occured on that day. Will we ever know the definite truth?

Astrotheology - Ever thought He was a lie? Compelling evidence for a thinking mind to consider.

Global Warming / Climate Change

Although a lot of organizations and companies exist because of the battle against "Global Warming / Climate Change," some people are putting forward the theory -- and their own forms of evidence -- that a lot of Scientists are either wrong about the issue or deceiving the public about the issue. This documentary film The Great Global Warming Swindle shows that Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth reported on a pessimistic hypothesis that was made at the beginning of a particular study of ice core samples. However, as this film shows, when that study was concluded, the results of that experiment turned out to be the opposite of what Al Gore's documentary predicted and elaborated about. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why that, and the other arguments in this film, are invalid (if they actually are), because I want to have an easier time socially with the majority who believe what they're told by the mainstream media, but the specific arguments that are made in this film are what have me believing that Global Warming / Climate Change may be a misinterpretation at some cog in the science establishment, or even a "hoax." If this film is right, then what does that say about carbon taxes? And what does that say about me since I depend on a Carbon Rebate from my government currently. Please watch this film The Great Global Warming Swindle to learn about a perspective that some are compelled to try to communicate.
Other videos that raise questions about whether a lot of Scientists are wrong about the issue of "Global Warming / Climate Change," or even videos which speculate whether they're willingly deceiving the public about "Global Warming / Climate Change" might also appear here in the future.


I want to integrate easier into social settings where all or most of the people believe in vaccines, but I've seen too much (mis?)information online that pounded into my brain the idea that vaccines are a toxic and malicious mix of poisons concocted by scientists who are employed by rich and powerful people who allegedly might care more about how big their mansions are and how many cars they can fit in their garages, than about your health. I'd like someone to correct my thinking by providing counter-arguments that make sense regarding the arguments that are presented in Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's materials, and several of the other materials that I've looked at on the subject, including the 2016 film "Vaxxed," and the site Vaxxter.
Videos about the alledged vaccine scam will occasionally appear here ... even though I got three vaccines in 2021. I've been exposed to so much (mis?)information that I think vaccines are bad, so I felt incredibly violated when I was in a situation where I thought I was being coerced to get Covid shots and a flu shot, all in 2021. It would put my mind at more ease if someone could compellingly argue against the points that I was exposed to which convinced me to be against vaccines.

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