The world often defies the narratives we commonly accept. Those who wield influence are often marionettes of enigmatic forces that dwell beyond ordinary perception. Embracing these realities, however, should be a wellspring of gratitude and optimism. Indeed, these truths impart a riveting dimension to existence. As our understanding of these intricacies deepens, our role in this grand tableau becomes more pronounced. Within this expansive contest, opportunities emerge to either seek a tranquil abode or to orchestrate strategic maneuvers, devoid of violence, that may yield advantages or repercussions.

Failures, when acknowledged and assimilated, become invaluable tutors. They contribute to the forging of our character, an ongoing process that finds resonance in this remarkable game of life. Navigating this journey prompts the discovery of kindred spirits, individuals whose presence enriches each moment in this odyssey brimming with wonder and possibility.

Author Alan Holman's Microcosm


I have my particular "alternative" beliefs about cosmology because no one I know has gotten around to telling me justifications for each of the specific things which the series called "Faking Space" (Youtube channel: Paul on the Plane) proved that NASA lied about. So that's why I'd prefer if we don't even touch this subject.

When I mention what my beliefs about cosmology are, you have said that surveyors would know the answers, and I've already heard Mark Sargent interview a couple surveyors about it, and what they actually said isn't actually what YOU think they'd say. You suggested experiments that I've already seen documentation of and the results don't surprise me, but they'd surprise YOU.

I have challenged you to identify flaws in further experiments that were documented in a film I cited, and I cannot remember if you ever gave explanations for the results of those experiments which fit your model.

Episodes of the podcast "Globebusters" from directly after the original release date of the film "Behind The Curve" explained a lot of instances of deceptive editing in that film, and that the film can therefore not be technically called a documentary. Please correct people when they call "Behind The Curve" a documentary.

The Earth Is Flat

Turns out you've been hoodwinked to believe that the Earth is a globe, whereas it's actually flat. Atmospheric lensing creates the illusion of a distant downward curvature, but the zoom lens on a Nikon P900 camera breaks that illusion. The lights in the sky that we're accustomed to calling stars, planets, the sun, and the moon, are actually much closer than we've been taught, and they're much smaller also. Almost everything that NASA and the other space agencies say are lies. Keep this in mind while you explore the links below. The popular documentary Behind The Curve misrepresented science.

So, you think this whole idea is crazy and stupid, don't you? Well, it's a well known fact that politicians lie. Education systems and the scientific establishment, etc, are controlled by politicians. Although David Icke doesn't talk about Flat Earth, his books are about the people who control the world and some of their deceptions; I suggest that you read some of those books to gain a better understanding of how we can be lied to about other things; and then, the concept that we're lied to about the shape of the Earth will seem less absurd.

You might not figure out the Flat Earth truth just through browsing through the pages that I've linked to below on this page; you need to go deeper by clicking on links that are within some of the sites that I link to below on this page. One thing that can help you to figure it out is to draw a Venn Diagram whereas one circle includes things that have to be true if we're on a Globe, while in the other circle is a list of things that would have to be true if we're on a Flat Earth. With that diagram prepared, follow the links ... and follow links from the links ... occasionally re-edit the diagram ... and just keep digging until you figure out the truth.

The truth is that we're lied to on a massive scale. When you realize where Flat Earth fits within "rabbit holes," you'll be smarter than a lot of people regardless of what your IQ tests as.

Flat Earth Links (in no particular order)

Flat Earth Clues -- Mark Sargent created these brilliant clues! Everyone who dares to enter this topic goes into it with their own individual sets of preconceptions; therefore, these particular clues are enough to prove to some people that Earth is Flat, while other people still need more information after these clues.
International Fake Station - ISS Hoax. A prerequisite for understanding this video is basic knowledge of SFX and CGI techniques that are used in film and television, as this video shows how those techniques are used to fake footage that we are told -- through "official" channels -- came from the ISS; if you do not have the prerequisite knowledge to understand what is shown to you in this video, good places to earn that knowledge are a variety of "behind the scenes" presesentations about science fiction films.
Flat Earth Community Wiki - A comprehensive site, full of great information about our Flat Earth! If the above or below links haven't yet proved to you that we're on a Flat Earth, please don't participate in editing this Wiki.
Flat Earth 101 - Study this web-site and reconsider calling a Flat Earther names. Besides, you ARE a Flat Earther, whether you've figured it out yet or not, even if you're someone who'll just never figure it out.
MellowDome - A personality in the FE movement; he'll teach ya some stuff!
The Flat Earth Conspiracy - A documentary by an Indie Filmmaker.
The Daily Plane - One of this web-site's sources is a series of videos that have "debate" in the title, but there tends to be no debate because the people on it tend to be folks who know that the Earth is flat.
Flat Earth Radio - A 24/7 internet radio station by Flat Earthers, for Flat Earthers!
It's Flat - A site with resources about Flat Earth.
Paul On The Plane - Among many other interesting things, this YouTube channel includes a series called "faking space" wherein photos from NASA are analyzed with forensic techniques, and determined to be fraudulent.
Jeranism - Join Jeran's search for truth.
Globe Busters - Watch this series from the start for a chronical of the Flat Earth awakening.
Globe Busters 2 - A back-up channel for Globe Busters.
GlobeBusters Activism - Documentation of activism by the Globe Busters team!
The Flat Earth Podcast - Join the developer of a popular Flat Earth app for "Flat Earth Talk."
Testing The Globe - A web-site of Author Rob Skiba.
Flat Earth Doctrine - Resource for Bible Study regarding Flat Earth.
Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole - Videos by a guy who has figured out that the Earth is flat. What else will he figure out?
Bro. Sanchez - Videos about interesting subjects, including Flat Earth.
International Flat Earth Research Society -- This Society is run by Eric Dubay, the author of the book The Flat Earth Conspiracy.
Flat Earth KIDS - Activities for children who are into Flat Earth.
TruthSmacks - A delicious and nutritious snack that has truth information on the packaging.
Iron Realm Media - If you like this, check out their radio show IronWorx on Truth Frequency Radio!
ODD Reality - A Rapper/Documentarian.
Flat Earth Events - Events that people have posted, you can post events.

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