The Music of Banana Chan

The following musical compositions wouldn't exist had I not written a story called Banana Chan. I am very grateful for the fact that I have contributed to the world's musical zeitgeist in that way.

One of the greatest piano players in the world (this is true) recorded this original arrangement of a tune that was inspired by a story I wrote called "Banana Chan" and was originally composed by an ex-friend (who I'm open to reconciling with if he is). I love the fact that I don't say who the piano player is while his fans are well aware that he's the one who did this. The way to find out who played this tune is to become a fan of the "piano world" and watch a bunch of old YouTube videos by popular piano players until you find the video where this song premiered; until someone I know does that and reveals the player's identity on one of my social media pages, I will keep the player's identity a kinda guarded secret. But what I love is that certain pieces of music exist solely because I wrote a certain story.

Before I finished writing the final draft of "Banana Chan," while I was still focused on developing the character Ryone, I wrote a poem from Ryone's "voice" called Sentimental Dreamworld. I sent the poem to a musician who I am a fan of, and he made it into a song wherein the lyrics are about 70% similar to the original poem that I sent to him. Before he completed the version with vocals, he completed the instrumental version.

This is the version of Sentimental Dreamworld with vocals by a singer who went by the name Arkimedes. The lyrics are about 70% the same as the original poem that I sent to him, a poem that was written in the character Ryone's voice.

This is a potential theme song for Banana Chan that was recorded by a group called PlumbJam.

This is the karaoke version of the potential theme song for Banana Chan that was composed by a group called PlumbJam.