ALAN HOLMAN - The Outlaw Author
Here's a list of places I've been banned from:

*Flaming Horse Studios
*CFCR FM - Saskatoon Community Radio
*Off Broadway Arts Centre
*Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre
*Sask Screenwriter's Guild
*Sask Scouts
*Star Trek Phase 2 Discussion Boards
*My Brother Darren's Apartment
*Saskatoon Theatre Collective

Why have I been banned from these places?

Because I'm the Outlaw Author, baybie!
Let me go through the list and explain each ban from my perspective. - I was open about the fact that very few of the scripts on that site are even remotely interesting.

NaNoWriMo - I told a forum moderator to bugger off because she kept sending me these long-winded rants about forum rules that I was apparently breaking. I never read her rants. I spoke honestly on the forums. I got banned because honesty is punished by that bitch forum moderator.

Flaming Horse Studios - Carla Westfield, the webmistress of Flaming Horse Studios, never explained why she banned me. She also never explained why she didn't invite me to her wedding. She and her husband Joe were high school friends of mine, and we all pioneered a web-site called Flaming Horse Studios together. It was an e-publishing site that kept a clique of my old high-school pals together. And then Carla and Joe started typing angry rants at me without explaining the reasons, and suddenly Carla and Joe were getting married but they invited everyone else but me to the wedding, without ever explaining why I was the only one from the clique who was excluded. And then when I asked them why I was the only one who was excluded, they banned me from the web-site. I really don't know what their problem is, and I wish we could all just be friends again.

CFCR FM - Saskatoon Community Radio - I was a newsreader until I called the Programming Director a "fuckface" because he expressed plans that would seriously inhibit the freedom of the newsreaders ... a few months before 9/11.

Off Broadway Arts Centre - The guy who runs Off Broadway Arts Centre in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, is a guy named Peter Kooy. I used to act in plays there, and I even wrote content that they produced. Then one day I get a phone call. Peter wanted to see me in his office. I got all excited and happy because I thought he was going to offer me a job. But when I get there, he was all angry at me about an e-mail that I sent to Ari Avivi, the dude who ran an improv troupe called The Flying Fish Fun Factory. Since Ari was a client of Peter's, my e-mail to Ari made Peter want to disassociate with me. But really, Ari's a douchebag, and Ari is untalented. And my e-mail to Ari was about a disagreement that I had with Ari, so why the fuck did Peter even get a copy when it was a disagreement between me and Ari? I think they're just both douchebags.

Saskatchewan Playwright's Centre -- Their whole structure is based on the idea of developing and promoting playwrights who can conform to the specific tastes of a "dramaturge" whose tastes are in alignment with the agenda of the rich elites who don't give a fuck about you.

Sask Screenwriter's Guild - I was with the SSG during its final couple of years, but it existed for several years prior to my membership. During its entire life-span, I was interested in Screenwriting, and I would have loved to have been a member, and I would have benefitted greatly from being a member, and my presence in meetings would have benefitted the other writers with whom I would have chatted; however, for most of the time when the club existed, I was not aware of it dispite the fact that I was openly searching for such a club. During the time when I was with the club, I became the President of the club for a year. My duties as President included compiling a regular newsletter. In the last few issues of the newsletter, I editorialized with complete honesty about some inequalities that I had witnessed such as specific people with very little talent who were getting preferential treatment while specific people with a lot of talent were getting ignored. I pointed out the clear instances of unfair fraternal behavior ... and influential people with very little talent got angry at me, while un-influential people who had a lot of talent applauded me ... but I got banned and the club either disbanded or returned to obfuscation.

Sask Scouts - When I was twenty-five years old, I found out that a couple of people who were close friends of mine in high school were members of a group called West Saskatoon Rovers which was associated with Sask Scouts. That group was for young adults up to age 26, and they did a lot of regular fun outdoors activities. The idea of doing fun outdoor activities with young adults my age really appealed to me, and the fact that two people who were close friends in high school were already members made it seem all the more welcoming. So I called a guy named Mr. Schroeder and asked him how to join the group, and he told me that he'd contact me to tell me when the next meeting is. But then a few days later, I recieved a letter in the mail telling me that I was banned from the group. The letter was sent by someone named Gillian Creelman, and she didn't provide an explanation for why I was banned. It's probably because I'm a west-sider.

Star Trek Phase 2 Discussion Boards - I e-mailed rougly a hundred members with an infobomb about the reptilian illuminati and the NWO agenda, including the 9/11 inside job. I figured that was stuff they should know about. The moderators did not appreciate that the members recieved that information.

My Brother Darren's Apartment - I wrote in a personal blog that I appreciate that my brother Darren's wife Sylina makes him happy, and I stated that I want my brother Darren to be happy for as long as possible, and so therefore I stated my hope that his wife Sylina gets more exercise so that she'll live longer and make him happy longer. Sylina chose to feel insulted rather than encouraged, so she banned me from my own brother's house.

Saskatoon Theatre Collective - A woman sent an e-mail to the whole group to promote her "auditioning workshop" which was basically an all-day seminar that costs around a hundred bucks to attend. So I sent an e-mail to the whole group saying that if anyone wanted to practice auditioning for a day, we could meet in a particular room at the university campus and practice all day and no one would have to pay squat. Then this guy Andy Carlson McNab told the group that I "attacked" him. I never "attacked" him. I called him a liar in public. That's not an attack if he's actually a liar, which he is. His lie was told to me in the summer of 2008. He told me that we'd start production of a particular stageplay script I wrote in January 2009, so that it can be performed in the summer of 2009. But in January, he wasn't replying to my e-mails. And in the summer, he was telling the Saskatoon Theater Collective that I "attacked" him. I'm an actor, and the Saskatoon Theatre Collective was a source of audition info. Andy Carlson McNab's slander and defamation about me resulted in the loss of potential acting opportunities. In other words, it's an actionable charge, and I can sue the bastard.