Regardless of whether or not you've figured it out by now, you have already eaten the Blue Doughnut, and -- if you are reading this -- you need a Purple Doughnut and then a Red Doughnut. Banana Chan is a set of five free ebook volumes that tell a story about Banana Chan, a character in the fictional town of Rain, a town which is on the verge of being completely controlled by a corporation called Megalith ... but they really don't know much about that. Banana is joined by her odd family and friends in a slice-of-life story about a cluster of characters who unknowingly live under the encroachment upon their lives of an unelected corporate world-wide government. The entire series of scripts is a single Purple Doughnut.

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Volume 1 - (251 Pages) - Episodes 1 to 7 - The story begins in March, 2002, when -- after a diversion in Tokyo -- an 11 year-old girl named Banana Chan (aka Banana-chan Chan), and her mom (early 30s), return to their family's house-hold, in the fictional sea-side town of Rain, a town where a financially-struggling family called Hazuki (no known relation to the Hazuki family in the Shenmue franchise) lives in the town's light-house. Mrs. Chan is a woman who was brought-up under the impression that it's okay to disrespect the Hazuki family by climbing onto their high roof at times when they won't notice, and Mrs. Chan has passed that rude tradition onto Banana. Banana chills on that rooftop occasionally, in between adventures with her friends, until shortly after she turns 14, which is when Banana meets Ryone, a boy her age who is of the town's Hazuki family; he immediately takes a liking to her, and this volume proceeds to chronical Banana's building of metaphorical Great Walls between him and her, while time passes and they turn sixteen and he persists in following his heart towards her, while her grip on a multi-generational prejudice is still preventing diplomacy between them when the first volume concludes with episode 7. Be sure to read the next volume!

FUN FACT: On page 91 of this volume, an alien says the line, "It's probin' time!" That line first appeared when it was written for that alien to say in an early draft of this series which was displayed on a web-site far before Seth Rogen's alien character Paul stole that line within a 2011 film. I personally don't like Seth Rogen, and I try to avoid watching his films.

This volume contains artistic contributions from The AnimeQueens, Diane Holman, Jason Sullivan, Katie Day, Liana Buszka, Monika Holman, and Yudhianto Bambay.

Volume 2 - (120 Pages) - Episodes 8 and 9 - 16 year-old Banana's 12 year-old grandson from the future, named Buster, was deprogrammed by a talking cat named 937, from a violent cult that existed in a potential future time-line from where his uncle -- a reformed demon -- helped him to escape backwards through decades of time just before a major battle between good and evil that occured in his version of the late 2040s, and now Buster and 937 live with Banana and Mrs. Chan in the town of Rain, circa 2008. Buster's mom is a woman named Roko who, in his time-line, was the daughter of Banana and a guy named Rob, whereas Ryone is still in pursuit of Banana, and Ryone is being kept in the dark about a certain "arrangement" which you'd know about already if you've been reading the actual story and not just these very brief descriptions! And by the end of this volume, Banana has not yet met that Rob guy whom Buster said that she married in his time-line.

FUN FACT: A much earlier draft of some of the scenes contained within pages 62-to-91 of this volume were the first scenes that I ever wrote for this story idea called Banana Chan; the first draft of those scenes were written in late 2001, on a friend's bedroom computer, and e-mailed to myself, right after I watched him go through the first ten to fifteen minutes of the video game Chrono Cross ... something about the music and images in that video game intro inspired me to write the first draft of those pages. Although I have since then wanted to get around to actually playing Chrono Cross for myself, so far I still haven't ever played it.

This volume contains artistic contributions from The AnimeQueens, Diane Holman, Doug, Jason Sullivan, Katie Day, Liana Buszka, and Yudhianto Bambay.

Volume 3 - (201 Pages) - Episodes 10 to 14 - Banana's best friend Alicia is the daughter of the mayor, and the mayor has been prying into the family histories of the residents of Rain; and in spite of the mayor's warning to Alicia about Banana's family, Alicia wants to strengthen her friendship with Banana, and Alicia also wants to become Buster's girlfriend. When Obama is elected President of the USA in 2008, Banana and Mrs. Chan are big fans of Obama, while Buster and 937 -- who have knowledge from a history book that was written in the future -- believe Obama is a player in a big evil "New World Order" conspiracy; this difference of political opinion causes some discord in the household. Then, in 2009, Buster is is a fast friend with Ryone, but Banana uses a household-rule in order to keep Buster from inviting Ryone over, and Buster uses that same household-rule in order to keep Banana from inviting her best friend Alicia over. Meanwhile, Ryone does make some progress in spending more time with Banana ... and then this volume goes into some of what anime fans refer to as "filler" material; within that "filler" material are scenes which highlight the fact that the characters are still struggling to process some of the weirdness which has happened in their lives, and they haven't yet come up with -- or really even thought about coming up with -- a plan to responsibly tackle impending issues of which they're aware. The volume ends with an episode called "The Secret Society" which isn't really a filler story, as it details Banana's initiation into a club which all people who are eventually involved in space travel must be members of or affiliated in some way with ... and space travel is something that will happen later in this story.

FUN FACT: When I was giving the Ewert sisters directions for how I wanted them to draw the image which fills page 6 of this volume, I was secretly thinking about a similar image which opened an issue in the late teen numbers of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic that I bought when I was a child, which was the first Ninja Turtles comic I ever bought; and that issue hooked me, and I collected much of that series of comics ... until I eventually sold them to fund a weekend trip with a friend.

This volume contains artistic contributions from The AnimeQueens, Diane Holman, Erik Northfell, Jason Sullivan, and Liana Buszka.

Volume 4 - (395 Pages) - Episodes 15 to 26 - (There is a misprint on page 3, wherein it says that this volume contains episodes 14 to 20. Sorry.) Early in this volume is a scene which portrays Ryone's father Goro as an abusive man, and thus we get a sense of why Ryone is so persistent in his attempts to try to escape from that situation -- he tries to escape to Banana, whom he loves, to hopefully get the love and appreciation from Banana that is mostly absent from his family at his home; contrast that situation with the scenes that take place in Banana's household, a place where she has and takes for granted familial affections that are mostly foriegn to Ryone's experience of life. The adventures in space begin when Banana sneaks into a cargo room within a rocket, and it blasts off while she's in it; she makes it to a Space Station wherein she is greeted by nerdy boys who are all a couple years younger than her ... and they're shy and nervous around her, so she can pretty much do whatever she wants on that Space Station. When one of the boys is told by another boy not to self-censor himself around Banana, the specific thing the boy says to Banana -- although a genuine expression from his heart -- is regarded as sexual harassment, and she hits him in anger. When Banana leaves the Space Station, she does so in a Star Wars style X-Wing, which she pilots home, and then she gives the X-Wing to her friend Alicia because Alicia is a fan of Star Wars. Then Banana tells her friends Alicia and Ashana about a particular "arrangement" that was introduced earlier in the series, and she confides in them regarding her feelings about it. Then on page 88, we learn that Banana's friend Ashana is a lesbian who has feelings for Banana; Banana rejects her. This paragraph has only skimmed some of the surface of what happens in the first 88 pages of this 395 page volume; I suggest you read the whole volume to learn all the surprising twists and turns this story takes!

This volume contains artistic contributions from The AnimeQueens, Diane Holman, Jason Sullivan, Liana Buszka, Tanice, and Yudhianto Bambay.

Season 2

Volume 5 - (275 Pages) - Episodes 27 to 36 [AKA S02E01 to S02E10] - On page 27 of this volume is the beginning of the story of a new time-line wherein Banana, and the members of her household, have their memories intact from the time-line of the first season of this series, and they re-live their lives from a specific point in the year 2008; some decisions they made in "time-line A" will be reconsidered, and some different choices will be made in "time-line B." But you, the reader, can decide if the choices they make this time around are better or worse. This volume includes a four-episode story that was co-written by a really beautiful and talented young woman.

This volume contains artistic contributions from Liana Buszka, Yudhianto Bambay, Diane Holman, Tanice, The AnimeQueens, and a picture by Katie Day which has already been used, is re-used on the back cover.

RED DOUGHNUT Novel Chapters:

[CHAPTERS 1 to 3] -- A short re-imagining of the part when Banana and Ryone met, as if the story were going to be taken in another direction; that short three-chapter novel is a Red Doughnut, meant to be read after you've gobbled your Purple Doughnut by reading the five e-books above. If you've read all of this stuff, you may also listen to a short-lived seven-episode attempt at a podcast-like series: [Pilot][1][2][3][4][5][6][7] -- That short series covers some of the material from an earlier draft of that discontinued novel.

If you've enjoyed the five illustrated volumes, and would like to read a version of the story wherein the timeline is only slightly different, check out these two volumes of an interstitial edit/draft/revision that I put together, which will totally be replaced by a new draft whenever the new draft is ready:
[Volume 1][Volume 2] Why do I post a version of the story with slight timeline differences without illustrations under the illustrated version? Because this is still a work in progress. If you've read all the Banana Chan content, you probably think I like writing ... I actually don't. Writing's not my thing ... and certain Banana Chan scripts that I wrote a decade ago, I have no idea how the hell I wrote those particular scripts so well; but hey, that's life!

Current Feedback Questions: I prefer that people who read these scripts and who give feedback are not screenwriters themselves and have no connection with the entertainment industry. I prefer that people who read these scripts are individuals with fertile imaginations who simply enjoy reading stories regardless of format. While I plan more scripts for these characters to inhabit, I like to ask specific questions of anyone out there who has read the scripts which are already written and on this site. My current questions for any readers out there are ... In volume 5, when a certain character got pregnant, do you think the decisions she made which led to that pregnancy were rational? Do you think that her expressed jusitification for continuing the pregnancy holds ethical water? In the part of the series where Buster was a prospect of a Secret Society, did that story have a fair depiction -- or even a fair satirization -- of the actual Secret Society to which it alluded? (As a writer who's creeped out whenever I hear anything about actual Secret Societies, I still want to be fair to the one which was lampooned.) Does Buster treat Maiko fairly in all his interactions with her throughout the series? Even though I personally believe that Banana usually treats Ryone unfairly throughout the series, can anyone explain or speculate about possible justifications for some of the actions she took against him? My opinion is that Ryone is a very good person who, although he's got some issues to work out, his heart is in the right place, and he didn't deserve some of what she put him through -- but what are your opinions? When I picture this series in my head, I imagine that all the episodes before Buster shows up are back-story, and I feel that they belong at the start of the series so that the audience can remember them while they're watching what I picture as the main story, so were the back-story/exposition episodes (before Buster showed up) in any way weak or badly written? And if so, did the writing improve after Buster showed up? Please e-mail opinions, regarding any of the current questions, to me by clicking this link. Thank you.

Latest PONDerings:I just did some online research on a topic, and it evolved into writing a summary for a 37th episode that takes place directly after Volume 5. I don't know if/when I'll write that episode because I don't do this as often as I used to back in the day, so I'll tell you a brief abstract in case you're interested: For a certain reason, Banana travels to another country where she meets some people who are doing a thing, and she does another thing while she's there, and then she goes back home. The actual summary is way more interesting than that brief abstract.

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